Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committe's overall purpose is to produce, update and facilitate information dissemination of the strategic plan that provides a framework for all major directions and decisions of the University, made from the context of the fundamental principles and strategic priorities contained within it. The strategic plan will provide clear strategic directions for the University, while concomitantly allowing and encouraging capacity for responding to new and/or unforeseen opportunities or realities that may arise.

The Strategic Plan will serve as a conceptual framework that identifies:

  • who we are
  • why we exist
  • where we are going
  • our fundamental principles
  • how we will reach our preferred future

The Board of Governors has the overall responsibility for the Strategic Plan. It is recommended that the Strategic Plan be updated on a five (5) year interval. The Strategic Planning Committee shall meet at least twice per year, with additional meetings at the call of the Chairs. Decisions of the Committee will be by consensus rather than formal votes.

Members of the GFC Strategic Planning Committee are governed by the following powers and duties:

  • Produce a Strategic Plan that both commits and guides the University
  • Facilitate, communicate and provide leadership to the high-level, university-wide strategic planning process
  • Guide a full consultation process that will engage and facilitate stakeholder participation in the strategic planning process
  • Analyze, interpret, and synthesize available information and opinion in order to provide recommendations on updating the strategic plan
  • Make available a website which allows interested individuals to monitor the progress of the University's Strategic Plan and provide feedback and comments in regards to its progress and issue discussion
  • Disseminate information in regards to the strategic plan to ensure the University community is kept up-to-date with the progress of achieving its strategic priorities
  • If deemed necessary, establish working groups or ad hoc sub-committees to analyze or reserach specific issues
  • Report annually to the Board of Governors and the University community the progress the University is making in achieving its strategic priorities

For more information, please see the Office of the President, Strategic Plan and Initiatives