Academic Quality Assurance Committee Members

Committee Chair
Alan Siaroff, Designate for Andrew Hakin, Provost & Vice-President (Academic), ex officio

One (1) Academic Staff Member of Deans’ Council, selected by Deans’ Council
Chris Nicol, June 30, 2019

Four (4) Tenured Faculty Members, selected by General Faculties Council Executive Committee for three (3) year staggered terms
Leanne Elias, June 30, 2020
Peter Visentin (Ying Zheng July 1-Dec 31, 2018), June 30, 2019
Lynn Kennedy, June 30, 2021
Tracy Oosterbroek, June 30, 2021

One (1) Academic Staff Member, selected by ULFA
Emma Black, June 30, 2020

One (1) Undergraduate Student, selected by the Students’ Union
Imogen Pohl, April 30, 2019

One (1) Graduate Student, selected by the Graduate Students' Association
Nathan Hill, April 30, 2019

Resource Member (Non-Voting)
Paul Sparrow-Clarke, Academic Quality Assurance Analyst
Belinda Spiteri, Academic Quality Assurance Coordinator

Quorum = 5 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 4 Voting Members)