Admission Standards Members

Committee Chair
Andrew Hakin, Provost & Vice President (Academic)or Designate, ex officio

Ex Officio Members
Susie Kennedy, Registrar [Designated Committee Chair]
Renae Hougen, Assistant Registrar, Admissions and Transfers
Erin Fieguth, Manager of Admissions
Shawn Johnsrude, Dean’s Designate, Arts & Science
Chris Mattatall, Dean’s Designate, Education
James Dobbie, Dean’s Designate, Fine Arts
Kristie Masuda, Dean’s Designate, Health Sciences
Marie Matkin, Dean’s Designate, Management
Helen Kelley, Dean’s Designate, Graduate Studies

Six (6) Academic Staff members, one selected by each Faculty and School Council
Raquel Trillia, Arts and Science, June 30, 2018
Dawn McBride, Education, June 30, 2019
Georg Boenn, Fine Arts, June 30, 2018
Olu Awosoga, Graduate Studies, June 30, 2018
Gerri Smith, Health Sciences, June 30, 2018
Jim Clark, Management, June 30, 2019

One (1) Professional Librarian, selected by the Professional Librarians' Committee
Rumi Graham, June 30, 2019

Two (2) Undergraduate Students, selected by Students' Union (selected from different Faculties/Schools)
Royal Adkin, April 30, 2018
Sandeep Parmar, April 30, 2018

One (1) Graduate Student, selected by the Graduate Students’ Association
Faye Salins, April 30, 2018

Quorum = 11 Voting Members (Summer Quorum = 9 Voting Members)

Resource Persons (non-voting):
Cathy Newman, Transfer Credit Coordinator
Kari Sackney, Marketing & Student Communication
Mandy Moser, Institutional Analysis
Imaru Baquero, Manager, International Student Services
Natasha Buis Deering, Director, Enrolment & Recruitment
Marissa Theriault, Calendar Editor
Shilo Zeller, Administrative Assistant to the Registrar's Office