Senate Scholarship Fund

The Senate Scholarship fund was formally established in January 2007 by then Chancellor Shirley DeBow, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the University of Lethbridge. The goal at the time was to create one new student award by establishing an endowment, funded through gifts made by University Senators.

This award, defined and inspired by our founding principle of liberal education, encourages academic excellence and rewards students who volunteer in their communities. Since 2007, Senate members past and present have donated generously to the fund. Thanks to those donations and the matching dollars from the Alberta Government's Access to the Future Fund, the Senate Endowment has grown to in excess of $270,000.

This money is a direct investment in students and a phenomenal demonstration of the U of L Senate's commitment to supporting the next generation of leaders. In 2016, six students received a Senate award, bringing the total number of recipients to-date benefitting from this award to 32.

The U of L is grateful to the many past and current Senate members for their generosity and loyalty to our students. Please join us and make a donation.