Friendship Programs


International Friendship Family Program

The International Friendship Family Program provides you the opportunity to become acquainted with aspects of Canadian culture and daily life through periodic interactions with a Canadian family during your exchange semester at the University of Lethbridge. This program relies on local volunteer 'friendship families' meeting exchange students and welcoming them into their homes and lives by including them in family outings and/or meals on a regular basis (approximately once a month), for a period of four months.

If you are a local person/family who would like to pair with an international exchange student, please fill out our online webform.

Buddy Program

The purpose for the Buddy Program is to link UofL students with incoming exchange students so that current students can help ease the visiting students' transition to Lethbridge and to the University. The new exchange students and their buddies will take part in a variety of buddy-initiated activities together, with the U of L buddies providing peer support and friendship to our international student guests.

If you are a U of L student and would like to volunteer as a local "buddy", please fill out our online webform.

Note to exchange students:

If you are an incoming exchange student and are interested in having either a "buddy" or a "friendship family", you will be given the opportunity to apply when you complete your exchange paperwork.