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Alumni Relations



All around the globe, uLethbridge alumni play important roles in their communities. Whether they’re saving kittens from trees or shaping the minds of future generations, our alumni are the do-ers, changers and leaders of today.  

Have you moved? Started a new career? Found a passion for volunteering? We want to know — update your information! 

Wellness is About Writing: Teri Hartman (BA/BEd '02, current MEd student)

I’ve learned over the years that compassion is the greatest indicator of wellness for me, and this includes empathy for not only others, but for myself. Writing has taught me the ultimate …

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Five Questions with Shining Graduate Dylan Nikkel BSc '20

Dylan Nikkel's most memorable uLethbridge experience was defending his Honours Thesis. It was both intense and immensely satisfying.

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Five Questions with Chloe Crosschild (BN ’14, MN ’19)

A talented Blackfoot nursing scholar, Chloe is committed to engaging in research and nursing practice that supports Indigenous health and well-being. Her outstanding qualitative thesis research project included the development of a unique Indigenous …

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 Did you know that there are more than 45,000 uLethbridge alumni around the world?




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