Cast Lists

2018-2019 Mainstage and TheatreXtra cast lists can be found here once the audition and casting process concludes

Mainstage 2018-2019



Cast List

Alex Watz
Hannah Stobbe
Jordana Knelson 
Katrina Holoboff
Jaymie Marie Brennan
Charlotte Hurdman
Alyssa Latimer 
Sheadene Morrison

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

Cast List

Jordyn Nixon - Agnes
Katie Boyes - Tilly
Kayla Turnbull - Kaliope/Kelly
Rachel Cucheron - Lillith/Lilly
Shaun Curtis - Orcus / Ronnie
Megan Nippard - Vera / The Beholder / Monster Ensemble
Madeline Smith - Narrator / Fairy / Monster Ensemble
Brent Clarke - Steve / Monster Ensemble
Shaye Lyons - Evil Tina / Tina / Monster Ensemble
Hannah Sawatzky - Evil Gabbi / Gabbi / Monster Ensemble
Emma Pfeiffer - Monster Ensemble
Carter Debusschere - Chuck / Monster Ensemble
Daniel Perryman - Miles / Monster Ensemble


Cast List


Madeline Smith
Austin Halarewich
Sheadene Morrison
Kaitlyn Olfert
Heather Gallipeau
Corey Ariss: Caterpillar
Emily Boyes: Tweedle-dee
Katie Boyes: Tweedle-dum
Dada Oluseyi: Cheshire Cat
Katrina Holoboff: The White Rabbit
Brook Hopfner: The Duchess
Charlotte Hurdman: Humpty Dumpty
Mali King: The Knave
Alyssa Latimer: The Mad Hatter
Trevor Loman: The Gryphon
Will Nevada: Bill the Lizard
Daniel Perryman: Mock Turtle
Jake Rose: The March Hare
Anastasia Siceac: The Jabberwock
John Tasker: Mary Ann
Kayla Turnbull: The Dormouse
Gail Hanrahan: The Red Queen

Dada Does Not Mean Anything

Cast List

1st Futurist: Daniel Perryman
2nd Futurist: Daylin Chase
Old Man: Cole Fetting
Old Woman: Samantha Geyer
Ace Frehley (a member of KISS): Jessica Hammer
Rod Serling: Emily Boyes
Zebra-Masked Narrator: Madeline Smith
Beyoncé: Cole Pryor
Jay-Z: Katie Boyes
Romeo: Andrew Burniston
Juliet: Charlotte Hurdman
Virgin Mary: Olivia Funkhouser
Jake Rose: Jake Rose
Hunefer, an Egyptian Scribe: Jaymie Brennan

TheatreXtra 2018

Glorious Clockwork

Cast List

Rhea: Madeline Smith
Atlas: Connor Fedoroshyn
Pappi: John Tasker
Birdy/Diabolus: Mali King
Cadaver: Paul Vanhoutteghem
Shadow Puppeteer: Oluseyi Dada

The Symbols of 3

Cast List

Trevor Loman
Rachel Hanbury
Andrew Burniston

Failure: A Love Story - CANCELLED

At The Mercy Of The Waves

Cast List

Brent Clark - Perry
Quinn Larder - Mira