Workshops & Guest Lectures

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Presented in partnership with The Shakespeare Company and Theatre Calgary
November 10-12, 2018
Location: Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
Application deadline: October 22*

Participants in this three-day master class will discuss and explore inclusive approaches to Shakespeare. Under the leadership of Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Dawn Monique Williams, participants will explore selected texts dramaturgically, and apply staging methodologies that feel current and immediate.

This program is intended for experienced theatre directors, creators, and instructors at both postsecondaryand high school levels. Participants should have a strong understanding of and familiarity with Shakespeare’s canon, and experience in directing, producing, adapting, or teaching classical texts.

Tuition: $375
Accommodation: private rooms $65/night or shared rooms $35/night
Meals: $41/person/day
Total: ranges from $575 to $800 depending on arrival and departure dates and choice of private or shared accommodations.


Drama Guest Lectures

The Importance of Primus Theatre to the Canadian Landscape
A Lecture by Dr. Claire Borody

3 pm | November 5, 2018
Room C610, University Hall

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