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Thank you for your interest in the Stage Combat workshop with Holleay Rohm. Please NOTE: Registration for this workshop is now full.

September 15 & 16, 2018
1 - 5 pm (both days)
Drama Studio (W420)

In this 2-day workshop, students will be introduced to the basic principles of stage combat and safe fight practices. On Day 1 They will learn basic unarmed stage combat techniques, as well as simple longsword guards and attacks. On day 2 of the workshop, students will have an opportunity to explore a variety of weapon styles, including axes, staffs, and daggers.

Starting from a place of teamwork, self awareness and proprioception, students will learn how to safely engage in a choreographed fight scenario and will learn how to balance exhibiting a dynamic performance while working as a team with their partner to perform it in a safe and repeatable manor. Special emphasis will be placed on the techniques most commonly required by an actor in shows: stage falls, rolls, basic slaps and punches, and grapples. Students will also be introduced to the history behind the longsword, learn how to properly hold and manipulate weapons, and how to engage in an exchange of guards and attacks. Towards the end of the workshop students will be taught an extended piece of fight choreography that will incorporate the various techniques learned throughout the class. As a wrap up, students will be provided with resources on how to seek additional training should they be interested in doing so.

Holleay Rohm is a Calgary based actor, director and choreographer, and founding member of GP Family Theatre. She’s a graduate of the U of A’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting program and has over 12 years of Stage Combat experience. She has studied with instructors from all over the world at the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat conference, is a certified Theatrical Combatant with Duelling Arts International, and currently holds her Intermediate certification level with Fight Directors Canada. In her career, teaching has been one of her primary passions; she has had the good fortune to pass along her love of theatre and fight performance through the instruction of various workshops, classes and programs since 2010. When it comes to stage combat, Holleay loves how stage combat coalesces as a perfect alignment of physical performance, strategy, teamwork and dramatic conflict. 

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