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Theatre Arts Society Executive

The Theatre Arts Society (TAS) executive includes one representative from each of the other drama clubs - The Unscripted Theatre Society and the Musical Theatre Society . The other clubs can maintain their own executives, but must also have one rep on the TAS executive.

The TAS executive elects two students as student reps to attend department meetings – one should also be on the Trust Fund Committee and the other should act as a liaison between the student clubs and the Department Chair.

2017-2018 Caucus

TAS Coordinators

David O’Donnell and Melissa Cadick

Events Coordinators

David O’Donnell and Melissa Cadick


Jessica Sawchuk and Corey Ariss


Melissa Cadick

First Year Representative


Technical Representative

Jessica Sawchuk

TUTS Representative

Brandon Eyck

MTS Representative

Lyall Miller and Chris Blomme

TAS E-mail