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Financial FAQ

Scholarship Management System

As of January 7, 2019, we have a whole new scholarship management system for graduate students.  Many of our scholarships will now be applied to through this new system. Log into the Bridge and under the Student tab.  The deadline to submit the Graduate Application portion is May 15th.

We cannot assign or activate any award funding or employment/Graduate Assistantship (GA) payments until you are registered as a full-time graduate student for the funding period. If you are not registered by the Cut-off date for Payroll Authorization Forms (PAF's) (usually the 8th of the month), your employment payments (e.g., Graduate Assistantships) will be delayed until the end of the next month. If you are not registered by the term add/drop deadline, your award payments will be delayed until the end of the next month.

You are required to submit:

  • Bank account information (blank cheque or printout of account information)
  • U of L direct deposit form, signed
  • Update your Social Insurance Number on the Bridge (under Personal Information)
  • Copy of study permit (international students)

This information must be received no later then the Cut-off date for Payroll Authorization Forms (PAF's) (usually the 8th of the month) in order to be processed and for payment to be set up for that month.

If you are emailing this information, it is recommended you password protect the information.

The Graduate Awards website lists many upcoming funding opportunities. Each entry provides key information about the funding opportunity, including the application deadline and information on how to apply. We also encourage you to utilise the additional resources for award applicants, including links to other funding databases.

Graduate Assistantships (Teaching/Non-Teaching) are assigned at the time of admission by your home department. If you are not offered a GA (Teaching/Non-Teaching) in your offer of admission it is still possible for a department to offer you an assignment if the department is in need of GAs. Contact your department’s Graduate Coordinator for more information.

Both Graduate Assistantship (Teaching/Non-Teaching) and Graduate Assistant (Research) appointments are guided by the GSA Graduate Collective Agreement.

Graduate Assistantship (Teaching/Non-Teaching) appointments are contracted employment within your Faculty are assigned by the department and typically a full GA is $3,600 for 112 hours of work over a specified amount of time.

Graduate Assistant (Research) appointments are typically funded by a faculty member's research funds and allow faculty members to employ graduate students whose duties include the performance of research-related duties that are unrelated to the student's program of study. These appointements are considered employment and are bound to the GSA Collective Agreement.

Research Stipends are not employment, they are funded by your supervisor's research funds and have no expectations for the student beyond completing their program of study.

Both Graduate Assistantship (Teaching/Non-Teaching) and Graduate Assistant (Research) appointments are paid via the University’s payroll system. Funds are directly deposited into your bank account on the last business day of the month.

Graduate Assistantship (Teaching/Non-Teaching) appointments are paid only in the semester you are completing the work. Typically departments have Graduate Assistantship (Teaching/Non-Teaching) appointments in the Fall and Spring terms.

Some awards, such as the admission awards (e.g. Tuition Scholarships, Dean's Scholarship) are paid into your University account and first applied against any outstanding tuition and fees. Payments are in 3 equal installments through the year:  June 1, Oct 1 adn Feb 1. Other awards may be paid in monthly installments through Payroll via direct deposit into your bank account at the end of the month. If you are unsure how the funds will be received, contact the Graduate Awards Advisor.

Yes.  Simply go to the portal ULink and go to the FInances page.  From there you can check your scholarship status by looking under the term that you began your program or the anniversary of when you started.  EG. If you started your program in Fall 2017 that is the term you want to look under for payments made in the 2017/18 year.  For future years, you'll want to to look under the fall term for the present academic year.  

School of Graduate Studies admission awards are first applied against any outstanding tuition and fees; review your University financial account in the Bridge to determine if you have a positive balance (where the balance can be moved over to your bank account) or a negative balance (you need to pay the balance by the due date) after your award payments have been applied. Award payments are typically June 1, October 1, and February 1. Note that tuition awards do not cover student fees.

Scholarship and awards dispursed to your uLeth account are first applied against any outstanding tuition and fees; any remaining funds can be moved to your bank account by visiting the cash office. 

Your tuition scholarship covers most of the cost of tuition but you still have to cover the associated fees and other charges. You can set up Payroll deduction if you are receiving funds through a Graduate Assistantship. Simply complete the Financial Services “graduate student payroll letter” and bring it to the Cash Office at the start of each academic term.

Admission scholarship payments are typically June 1, October 1 and February 1. NOTE: that the value of the tuition scholarship does not cover student fees.

Other external scholarships may be paid through Payroll in monthly payments or at other times in the year as stipulated by the agency. You can confirm payment method and timing by contacting the Graduate Awards Advisor.

Graduate Assistantships (teaching/non teaching/research) are paid via the University’s payroll system. The University has a single payday per month with funds distributed directly to your bank account on the last business day of the month.  In order to be paid as a GA, you must be registered at the time of employment.

There is a funding database on the School of Graduate Studies website. This site is there to help kick off your search for applicable funding opportunities. Each award has it’s own application, eligibility criteria and deadlines so be sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly.

No. Every student must pay tuition and associated fees. Scholarships that are applied to your account will credit these outstanding costs. In addition, you can arrange to a monthly amount deducted from your paycheque each month.

Please refer to the Financial Services website for this information.

Tuition and fees are due on June 1, Oct. 1 and Feb 1.

Yes, if you are being paid throught the University's payroll system, you can set up monthly deductions from your paycheque. You need to set this up at the start of each term that you are employed by the institute.

For more information, visit

Graduate programs within the Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Fine Arts and Dhillon School of Business do not charge for courses above the tuition costs. Please refer to the tuition tables for programs within Nursing and Education.

No. Because many scholarships are sent out to the funding agencies, each application requires it’s own set of transcripts as well as reference letters.

Please fill out the inquiries form located on our website or send an email to the Graduate Awards Advisor