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"Our graduate students, their accomplishments, and their future embody our identity as a comprehensive and academic research institute."
School of Graduate Studies, Mission Statement

Our Stories

Day Rider pursues passion for music with help of Indigenous Graduate Admission Award

Following his passion to uLethbridge, Day Rider is pursuing a Master of Music in composition with supervisor, Dr. Arlan Schultz. After completing his undergraduate degree, he knew uLethbridge was the right environment to …

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Putting planning, implementing and evaluating to good use inside the classroom and out

Dr. Silvia Koso has spent more than 15 years planning, implementing and evaluating health and social services programs, a skill she puts to good use both in the classroom as part of the …

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The Creativity of Curriculum and 36 Years with the Faculty of Education: Dr. Richard Butt

At the end of the day Dr. Richard Butt has much to be proud of. As a musician, story-teller, nature-lover and academic, his ability to be expressive was integral to his teaching, learning …

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Think creating public health policy is boring? Think again.

Dr. Julia Brassolotto teaches Advanced Public Health Policy and Ethics, a heady topic for challenging times. Much to the relief of her students, she doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff, unravelling sticky …

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