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"Our graduate students, their accomplishments, and their future embody our identity as a comprehensive and academic research institute."
School of Graduate Studies, Mission Statement

Our Stories

Developing better anti-viral treatments: Dr. Maulik Badmalia's research highlight

Dr. Maulik Badmalia is searching for a better way to develop anti-viral treatments that are more effective and have less side-effects.

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Five questions with Andrew Doyle (BA/BEd '10, MEd '20)

Andrew Doyle learned much in his time in the MEd Educational Leadership program; particularly, the value of community engagement.

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Biochar and Bovines: Highlighting Dr. Carlos Romero's Research

Dr. Romero proposes to help farmers fight climate change while making their crops more productive.

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Seven Questions with Shining Graduate Akalanka Galappaththi (MSc '20)

Akalanka Galappaththi accompanied his wife from Sri Lanka to Canada, where he decided to embark on an educational journey of his own, pursuing a Master of Science program at uLethbridge.

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