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Graduate Studies

Research is traditionally undertaken by students holding a Master’s (MA) or a Doctorate (PhD). Your undergrad degree will prepare you for post-graduate studies, whether you choose to pursue your Master’s here at the University of Lethbridge or another institution anywhere in the world.

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Graduate Studies in Physics
Positions are available for both MSc and PhD Physics students at the University of Lethbridge. The U of L Physics Department is research intensive – all regular faculty hold Discovery Grants from NSERC. Our department consists of 11 professors and 3 academic assistants, complemented currently by postdoctoral researchers and other research support staff. In Fall 2010, we will have 12 graduate students, a number we are working to increase. A significant number of undergraduate students are also involved in faculty research. For further information on current research areas, click here.

Physics graduate study at the U of L offers the advantages of a small, dynamic, expanding department in a smaller university (~8K undergrads), in a small, pleasant city (population ~80K) close to the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with a very reasonable cost of living. Both undergraduate and graduate students enjoy the benefits of extensive and interactive supervision.

Faculty research areas cover a wide variety of topics. Listed below are the department members with independent research programs.

Dr. Albert Cross
Dr. Saurya Das is a theorist with interests including general relativity, quantum gravity, black hole physics and thermodynamics, quantum computation and quantum information theory.
Dr. Arundhati Dasgupta's
research interests are in the area of quantum gravity. She has used coherent or semi-classical states in quantum gravity to explain physics of black holes and the origin of their thermodynamic behavior.
Dr. David Naylor is an experimental astrophysicist. He is playing major roles in two large astronomy initiatives, one space-based (SPIRE) and the other ground-based (SCUBA2).
Dr. Steve Patitsas is an experimenter in surface physics. His group has built a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), now being used to manipulate individual molecules.
Dr. Adriana Predoi-Cross does laboratory spectroscopic studies of molecular species of atmospheric and astrophysical interest.
Dr. Behnam Seyed-Mahmoud is a geophysicist who studies the dynamics of the Earth’s core and exploration geophysics.
Dr. David Siminovitch is an experimental biophysicist who uses solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR, the precursor to MRI) to study substances of biological interest.
Dr. Masami Tatsuno's experimental research is aimed at understanding how REM and non-REM sleep contribute to memory consolidation.
Dr. Ken Vos is a theoretical condensed-matter physicist, working on the theory of strongly correlated electron systems, which include high temperature superconducting materials.
Dr. Mark Walton is a theoretician, who studies conformal field theories, their applications to string theory, and other topics in mathematical physics.

All students admitted to the graduate program can expect excellent financial support. There are opportunities to compete for more generous support in the form of postgraduate scholarships at both the national (NSERC);, and provincial (Alberta Ingenuity [], and Alberta Heritage Fund) level.

Applications for MSc and PhD programs require preliminary discussion with prospective faculty advisors. Feel free to e-mail any of the members above, or contact the department chair of graduate studies, Dr. Adriana Predoi-Cross at

Current Graduate Students (supervisor):

Ahmed Ali (PhD) (Das)

Gibion Makiwa (PhD) (Naylor)
Ali Nassar (PhD) (Das/Walton)
Michel Nzikou (MSc) (Seyed-Mahmoud)

Shohred Rahmati (MSc) (Dasgupta)
Hoimonti Rozario (MSc) (Predoi-Cross)
Chad Povey (PhD) (Predoi-Cross)
Steve Sidhu (MSc) (Das/Walton)
Jesse Supina (MSc) (Das/Dasgupta)


Graduates (supervisor):

Morteza Ahmadi, MScin Physics, 2006(Saurya Das)

Ian Chapman, MSc in Physics, 2003 (David Naylor)
Regan Dahl, MSc in Physics, 2008 (David Naylor)
Brad Gom, MSc in Physics, 1999 (David Naylor)
Simon Habot, MSc in Physics, 1998 (David Siminovitch)
Steven Horn, MSc in Physics, 2006 (Steve Patitsas)
Cvjetan Jakovljevic, MSc in Physics, 1996 (Mark Walton)
John Lindner, MSc in Physics, 2006 (David Naylor)

Weiming Liu, MSc in Physics, 2006 (Steve Patitsas)
Pouya Maraghechi, MSc in Physics, 2006 (Steve Patitsas)
Nnamdi Okeke, MSc in Physics, 2007 (Mark Walton)
Ian Schofield, MSc in Physics, 2005 (David Naylor)

Graeme Smith, MSc in Physics, 2001(David Naylor)
Locke Spencer, MSc in Physics, 2005 (David Naylor)
Locke Spencer, PhD in Physics, 2009 (David Naylor)
Margaret Tahic, MSc in Physics, 2005 (David Naylor)
Mark Tipper , MSc in Physics, 2006 (Kenneth E. Vos)


Professor Mark Walton (left) shown here with the first MSc in Physics from the University of Lethbridge, Cvjetan Jakovljevic, with his wife Radmila and baby Vida. Spring Convocation - 1996.