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ASTR 2070AThe Solar SystemDaniel Furgason
ASTR 3020AIntroduction to CosmologyDavid Naylor
ENGG 1850AIntroduction to Engineering Design, Communication, and ProfessionJon Doan
ENGG 2060AEngineering MechanicsBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
ENGG 2060L01ENGG 2060 Lab 1Chad Povey
ENGG 2300AEngineering DesignJon Doan
ENGG 2300L01ENGG 2300 Lab 1Jon Doan
PHYS 1000AIntroduction to Physics IPasquale Bosso
PHYS 1050AIntroduction to BiophysicsMark Tipper
PHYS 2000AIntroduction to Physics IIBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 2130AWaves, Optics and SoundDaniel Furgason
PHYS 2150AQuantum Mechanics ISaurya Das
PHYS 2925AIntroduction to Experimental PhysicsChad Povey
PHYS 2925L01PHYS 2925 Lab 1Chad Povey
PHYS 3400AThermal and Statistical PhysicsSaurya Das
PHYS 3750AContemporary PhysicsPasquale Bosso
PHYS 3800AMethods of Theoretical PhysicsKenneth Vos
PHYS 3990AIntroduction to Mathematical Modelling of HurricanesKenneth Vos
PHYS 4175AThe Electromagnetic InteractionKenneth Vos
PHYS 4995AUT Spectroscopic InstrumentationLocke Spencer
PHYS 4995BUT Post Dispersed Fourier SpectrometerDavid Naylor
PHYS 5325ATheoretical Physics IIBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 5325ATheoretical Physics IIKenneth Vos
PHYS 5325ATheoretical Physics IISaurya Das
PHYS 7325ATheoretical Physics IIBehnam Seyed Mahmoud
PHYS 7325ATheoretical Physics IIKenneth Vos
PHYS 7325ATheoretical Physics IISaurya Das