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Physics is the study of matter and energy at all scales, from the sub-nuclear to the dimensions of the universe. It is the fundamental science — all other sciences and technologies rely on the principles of physics.

Physics involves observing and understanding natural phenomena. It is evident in the world around us in everything from the seasons, the motion of objects, the flight of birds, the night sky and the weather, to lasers, electronics and the technology we rely on today. Astronomy teaches you how to study objects at a distance and interpret the information gathered. This helps us begin to understand the universe we live in. The skills you will learn in astronomy are also applicable to remote sensing and its application to environmental problems.

Department Highlights

Prairie Universities Physics Speaker Series (PUPSS) - A Chat about Math, the Universe and Darkness

Series: Prairie Universities Physics Speaker Series (PUPSS)

Author: Nikolay Kolev

Affiliation: University of Regina

Date and Time: Thursday, February 25, from 9AM to 10:15AM

Title: A Chat about Math, the Universe and Darkness

Zoom Link:

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Speaker Series-Silicon Photonics: Optics and Electromagnetism in Communications Technology

Series: Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Speaker Series

Author: Geoffrey Sitwell (BSc '17) MSc Physics, University of Lethbridge

Affiliation: Rockely Photonics

Date and Time: Thursday, March 4, from 9AM to 10:15AM

Title: Silicon Photonics: Optics and Electromagnetism in Communications Technology

Zoom Link:

Alicia Anderson

With support and resilience, Anderson excels through adversity

While learning is the essence of a post-secondary experience, it is not limited to what is found in textbooks or studied in the lab. For Alicia Anderson (BSc ’20), discovering the depth of her resilience might just be the most poignant lesson of the last five years.

Anderson, who has already started her master’s program at the University of Lethbridge, completed her undergraduate degree this spring working with Dr. David Naylor as part of the Astronomical Instrumentation Group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. She also balanced five years of backstopping the Pronghorns women’s hockey program as one of the most accomplished goaltenders in Canada West history.

Early research opportunities lead to publications for U of L students

Two University of Lethbridge students can add publications to their resumés after they took advantage of getting involved in research early in their university education. Not only have they published papers in major journals, they’ve also collaborated with other departments within the U of L and internationally.

University of Lethbridge’s Quantum Alberta researchers pushing towards a second quantum revolution

You likely never think about how your new mobile phone is twice as fast as your last, why you now feel secure making bank transactions remotely, or how Google and Alexa now plan your days — it’s just the world in which we live. The technology, the security, the communicative ability can all be traced to research, and the future of these advances is even brighter thanks to work being done right now by Quantum Alberta researchers, a fifth of whom are based at the University of Lethbridge.

Dr. Saurya Das, in the University’s Department of Physics & Astronomy, is a theme leader of Quantum Alberta, a province-wide platform of more than 35 quantum researchers from the Universities of Lethbridge, Calgary and Alberta. It is made up of physicists, chemists, computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers and promotes and strengthens collaboration between researchers and institutions in quantum science and technology

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