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We are the founding academic faculty at the University of Lethbridge with over 40 disciplines.

Oki, and welcome to the University of Lethbridge. Our University’s Blackfoot name is Iniskim, meaning Sacred Buffalo Stone. The University is located in traditional Blackfoot Confederacy territory. We honour the Blackfoot people and their traditional ways of knowing in caring for this land, as well as all Aboriginal peoples who have helped shape and continue to strengthen our University community.

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers three very diverse degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), and Bachelor of Science (BSc). As a liberal education based system, you must select courses from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences as part of your degree program requirements. As such, you have the opportunity to study from within your areas of interest even if these areas are not part of your major. You can make your uLethbridge degree exactly that - YOUR degree - individualized to what you want to study.

The Faculty of Arts & Science stands with all those who seek a world free from the racism and related violence that plagues our world and our community. Read the full statement from Matthew G. Letts, Incoming Dean, Faculty of Arts & Science.

Upcoming Events

2020/2021 PUBlic Professor Series
Gail Michener

PUBlic Professor Series | Dr. Gail Michener

We are excited to present our second PUBlic Professor Series talk of the 2020/21 season!

Join biological sciences professor emeritus, Dr. Gail Michener, as she explores Love Them, Despise Them, Study Them: Perspectives on an iconic prairie animal.

Thursday, October 29, 2020 7-9 p.m.
Live Online
. Register here.

Other Events

School of Liberal Education Symposium

The School of Liberal Education invites faculty, staff, students and community members to our 4th Annual Liberal Education Symposium. Our event this year will be held virtually (via Zoom) on Friday, September 25 from 1 to 4:30 p.m.  There will be a keynote panel on Care Labour, followed by 13 different break-out sessions on a wide variety of topics.

Modern Languages & Linguistics Fall 2020 Film Series: Film 1

Film 1: Caught in Conventions (9–30 September)
Portrait of Lady On Fire (Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) (France, C. Sciamma, 2019)
France, 1760. Marianne is commissioned to paint the portrait of a young noblewoman before her arranged marriage; but she must do so in secret. Posing as a hired companion, Marianne observes Héloïse by day and paints her by firelight at night. The two women orbit one another, but intimacy grows as they share Héloïse’s first moments of freedom, and Héloïse’s portrait becomes a testament to their love. (Rated “R” for some sexuality) (In French with English subtitles)

Zoom Discussion Meeting: Wednesday 30 September @ 6:00 p.m.

Join us for the SAMWAK Speaker Series Fall 2020 season

Oct. 17: 10-11 a.m.

"Confessions of a (former? wanna be?) gender therapist"
Serena Visser, MSW, RCSW, Faculty of Social Work (PhD Candidate CSPT)


Nov. 21: 10-11:30 a.m.

“Militarization of morality: The policing of sex work”
Jess Tollestrup (General Social Sciences, WGST, INDG, SOCI)

“Scholars at risk: The case of Academics for Peace in Turkey”
Dr. Gulden Ozcan (Sociology, University of Lethbridge)


SAMWAK means to 'announce' in Waray dialect (Philippine). This series aims to showcase new projects and ideas from students, faculty and the community twice every semester. SAMWAK is sponsored by the Department of Women & Gender Studies and organized by Dr. Glenda Bonifacio.

Faculty News

Dr. Jon Doering

U of L researchers finding better ways to monitor fish species

Studying the impacts of chemical pollutants on fish reproduction in the field is a complicated business. Because complex environmental cues, such as changes in temperature, salinity and food availability, are all linked to reproduction, scientists at the University of Lethbridge are working on developing an easier way of monitoring fish species.

Using a blood, fin or scale sample that can be taken without harming the fish, researchers can determine if a particular species of fish is highly susceptible to a chemical exposure. They then can identify a need to monitor certain fish species or pinpoint certain areas of an aquatic system to monitor.

U of L’s astrophysicists receive federal infrastructure grant

Thanks to a $250,000 grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation for research infrastructure, University of Lethbridge astrophysicists will develop a state-of-the-art cryogenic test facility to evaluate the performance of instruments destined for space exploration.

The Astronomical Instrumentation Group (AIG) at the U of L is poised to build a liquid-helium free cryostat and cryogenic translation stage that will be used to develop and test the world’s first cryogenic, far-Infrared, post-dispersed, polarizing Fourier transform spectrometer. This new type of spectrometer has been identified by the world’s leading space agencies (ESA, JAXA, NASA) as a necessary next step to explore both galaxy evolution in the farthest reaches of our universe and star and planet formation in our own galaxy.

Jenny McCune

Federal government needs to do more to protect endangered plants, says U of L researcher

Canada’s plants are the middle child of species conservation in Canada, receiving far less attention than mammals and birds. Even though plants and lichens make up 37 percent of Canada’s at-risk species, the federal funding they receive is less than a third of that number.

Dr. Jenny McCune, a University of Lethbridge professor in biological sciences and Board of Governors Research Chair in Plant Conservation, and Peter Morrison, a graduate student at McGill University, examined how many plant species listed under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) grow on private or federal lands. Plants listed under SARA are only protected from destruction only if they grow on federal land

Vazquez Gonzalez

Cuban PhD student finds Wieden lab a perfect fit for her antimicrobial resistance studies

The idea of coming to Canada to continue her studies had been established long before Cuban-born Amanda Vazquez Gonzalez began seeking scholarship support to do so. Actually embarking on the trip, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to take over the planet, nearly ended her dream.

Vazquez Gonzalez is at the University of Lethbridge now, the recipient of a Philanthropic Educational Organization (PEO) International Peace Scholarship (IPS) that has allowed her to work towards her PhD in biomolecular science as part of Dr. H.J. Wieden’s Laboratory for Biomolecular Design and Engineering. The IPS fund is a program which provides scholarships for selected women from other countries to pursue graduate studies in Canada or the United States.

Mysterious Night Parrots may not see in the dead of night

Australia’s most elusive bird, the Night Parrot, may not be much better at seeing in the dark than other parrots active during the day.

An international collaboration between the University of Lethbridge’s Dr. Andrew Iwaniuk and Flinders University’s Dr. Vera Weisbecker, has revealed the endangered parrot’s visual system is not as well-adapted to life in the dark as would be expected for a nocturnal bird, raising concerns it might be adversely impacted by fencing in the Australian outback.

Jamshid Faraji

U of L researchers demonstrate the importance of studying sex differences

In the past, many scientific research studies focused on using only male subjects, whether in human or animal experiments. Now researchers like Drs. Jamshid Faraji and Gerlinde Metz at the University of Lethbridge’s Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience are shining a spotlight on biological sex differences and making them an integral part of their research.

In their recent study, published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Faraji and Metz developed an animal model that demonstrates sex differences in the thermal response to stress.

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