University of Lethbridge
Minors Options

After you choose courses based on your program’s requirements, you may have room in your schedule to study a variety of electives or to follow a secondary interest. If you are torn between several areas of interest or want to explore additional material that is related to your major program, you could consider pursuing a minor.

Please note that minors are linked to your calendar year and some minors may not be available for previous calendar years. Your calendar year will be the year of your most recent admission to the University of Lethbridge. Contact an Academic Advisor for more information (see Academic Advising).

All Programs except Education

The University of Lethbridge's available minors are changing beginning May 1, 2018. Please see an academic advisor to discuss details of which minors are available and how they would fit into your program. Please see the academic calendar if your calendar year is prior to 2018/2019 for minors available to your progarm.

Education Programs (including Combined Degrees)

Please contact Student Program Services in the Faculty of Education if you are interested in completing an Education Minor.