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Talk Dates & Details

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Louise Barrett

Sep 26 '19 Louise Barrett

Supercharged Apes and Supersized Minds: How to Think Like an Animal

Matthew Tata

Oct 24 '19 Matthew Tata

How to Talk to Your Robot: Using Cognitive Neuroscience to Make Robots That Can Hear

Jackie Rice

Nov 21 '19 Jackie Rice

The Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

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Carly Adams

Jan 23 '20 Carly Adams

"Hey, why don't we have a bonspiel?" Oral Histories, Sport, and (re)Imagining Community

Hillary Rodrigues

Feb 27 '20 Hillary Rodrigues

COMBATTING DELUSION: Gleanings from the Hindu Great Goddess and Eastern Sages

James MacKenzie

Mar 26 '20 James MacKenzie

Update: Event has been cancelled. We will update with a new date once scheduled.

Being Maya: Reflections on Ethnicity, Religion and Place

Previous Year's Talk Dates & Details

Hester Jiskoot

Mar 21 '19 | Hester Jiskoot, Geography

Glaciers — A Hot Topic

Tom Johnston

Feb 28 '19 | Tom Johnston, Geography

The Geography of Circumstance

Jan 24 '19 | Alexander Darku, Economics

The Building Blocks of Africa's Development: Resources, Politics, and Economics

Amy Shaw

Nov 22 '18 | Amy Shaw, Canadian Studies

‘A Devil-May-Care Sort of Swagger’: A Case for Remembering Canada in the Boer War

Maura Hanrahan

Oct 25 '18 | Maura Hanrahan, Geography

Creating Heroes and Claiming the North: Captain Robert Abram Bartlett in the Arctic

Sergio Pellis

Sep 20 '18 | Sergio Pellis, Neuroscience (CCBN)

A Journey Through the Fields of Play

Catherine Kingfisher

Mar 22 '18 | Catherine Kingfisher, Anthropology

Locating Happiness: Beyond Individualism

Tom Robinson

Feb 15 '18 | Tom Robinson, Religious Studies

Sex, Drugs, Jesus, and Gin

Paul Vasey

Jan 25 '18 | Paul Vasey, Psychology

Beyond the Binary: What the West Can Learn from Non-Western Approaches to Gender Diversity

Rene Barendregt

Nov 23 '17 | René Barendregt, Geography

Global Climate Archives in Mud and Rock: The Magnetic Recorder is Always On [Somewhere]!

Jo-Anne Fiske

Oct 26 '17 | Jo-Anne Fiske, Women & Gender Studies

Remarkable Husbands and Unusual Fathers: Understanding the Great War a Crucible of Tenderness and Nurture

Ute Kothe

Sep 21 '17 | Ute Kothe, Biochemistry

From the Beginnings of Life to Modern Medicine: Why RNA Matters

Stacey Wetmore

Mar 23 ‘17 | Stacey Wetmore, Chemistry & Biochemistry

DNA Damage, Repair and Disease: How Computers Can Help Us Understand

Kent Peacock

Feb 16 ‘17 | Kent Peacock, Philosophy

Alberta in the Anthropocene

Jan 26 ‘17 | Janay Nugent, History

Converting a Nation: family, religion, and Calvinism in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Scotland

Goldie Morgentaler

Nov 24 ‘16 | Goldie Morgentaler, English

How Dickens Invented Christmas and Why it Matters

Roy Golsteyn

Oct 20 ‘16 | Roy Golsteyn, Biological Sciences

Flower Power: A scientific Search for New Medicines in Prairie Plants

Kevin McGeough

Sep 22 '16 | Kevin McGeough, Geog & Archaeology

'I Met a Traveller From an Antique Land': The Archaeology of Progress, Decline, and Collapse

Reg Bibby

Mar 17 ‘16 | Reg Bibby, Sociology

Beyond the Gods & Back: The Return of Religion in Canada

Shawn Bubel

Feb 25 ‘16 | Shawn Bubel, Archaeology

Prehistoric Bison Hunters in Southern Alberta: Excavations at the Fincastle Site

Harold Jansen

Jan 21 ‘16 | Harold Jansen, Political Science

The Impact of Digital Technology on Democratic Citizenship in Canada

Jennifer Copeland

Nov 26 ‘15 | Jennifer Copeland, Kinesiology

Sitting, Standing and Stepping: The Health Implications of Our Daily Behaviour

Craig Coburn

Nov 19 ‘15 | Craig Coburn, Remote Sensing

Understanding the Complexities of Imaging the Earth: The Challenge of Image Calibration

Olga Kovalchuk

Oct 22 ‘15 | Olga Kovalchuk, Biological Sciences

Epigenetics of Health and Disease: From Personalized Science to Personalized Medicine

Craig Cooper

Sep 24 ‘15 | Craig Cooper, History

Catching the Crook in Classical Athens

Mar 19 '15 | Michelle Hogue, FNTP / Chem & Biochemistry

Two-Eyed Seeing: A Different Vision for Teaching Aboriginal Learners Science and Mathematics

John Harding

Feb 26 ‘15 | John Harding, Religious Studies

Buddha’s World Tour: Global Buddhism in the Modern Era

David Naylor

Jan 22 ‘15 | David Naylor, Physics & Astronomy

Why Invest in Space Exploration

Ian MacLachlan

Nov 20 ‘14 | Ian MacLachlan, Geography

Changing Livestock Geographies and Global Meat Consumption: What are the implications?

Patrick Wilson

Oct 23 ‘14 | Patrick Wilson, Anthropology

Indigenous Territories and the Rights of Nature in Amazonian Ecuador

Robbin Gibb

Sep 25 ‘14 | Robbin Gibb, Neuroscience

The Forgotten Parent: The Importance of Fathers and Their Experience on the Brain Development of Their Children