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The Writing Centre provides individual consultations to all students at the University of Lethbridge. There is no charge for instruction, and we are happy to assist at all stages of the writing process and levels of procifiency. Our learning environment is friendly, inclusive, and scholarly. We look forward to helping you!

The primary function of the Writing Centre is to provide students from all disciplines with practical writing support that supplements in-class instruction and helps students understand a wide variety of writing assignments, including research papers, summaries, critical essays, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies and lab reports. When possible, we will also work with students writing in the professional genres, including resumes, cover letters and application letters. Our one-on-one writing consultations allow for a more personalized and interactive learning experience in an academic context. The ultimate goal is to help students better develop and articulate their own ideas and to make effective rhetorical choices in their academic writing.



Writing Centre Tutor



Writing Centre Tutor


We currently have only Online and eTutor appointments available.  The two formats are both conducted via the internet but are slightly different.

Online appointments are interactive consultations via our chat or video system. You must be logged onto the system during the scheduled timeslot.  You (the student) click on your appointment, then click on the online link, and a window opens allowing you to upload - or cut and paste - text to the main window.  We can then instant message back and forth on the right-hand side or add/remove additional comments or text in the main window.  Video and audio are also available (just like Zoom or FaceTime, etc.), but you must enable this on your device and your internet speed must be fast enough. You will need to use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone that has a microphone and camera, and allow your browser to access the microphone and camera for this to work.

eTutor appointments allow the tutor to provide feedback on one of your written drafts.  You must upload both the assignment description and your draft to your appointment.  The tutor will then add comments to the file and send it back to you.  Please use .doc or .docx as your format.  This type of appointment works well if you can't be available for the actual timeslot or if you're only available at times the Centre isn't open; you can still receive helpful feedback.

If you prefer, you may also want to connect via phone call to allow for conversation while or after the tutor reads your file.  If you wish to be contacted by phone, please add your phone number to your appointment under "additional information."  Note that the tutor may be calling you from an unlisted number for the sake of privacy.  This is entirely optional.

To get started, you can register for an account by clicking the link below.  Once you have registered, you can see what appointments are available; these vary based on tutor availability.

Next, to book an appointment, click on an available spot (in white) and complete the booking form; your appointment will then appear in yellow. Unavailable appointments appear in blue.

If all times are presently booked, you can join the waitlist; click on the day’s lower right link and add your information. Cancelations are not uncommon. 

The Writing Centre is closed on statutory holidays as well as during the exam periods each term.

Schedule a consultation .  When bookings are full, you can also join our wait-list (on the Scheduling Calendar) for your preferred day.

Scheduling Policies:

  • To ensure we can accomodate as many students as possible, student appointments are limited to a maximum of one per week, six meetings a semester.
  • Appointments can be made up to two weeks in advance.

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