Writing Centre

Welcome to the online home of the Writing Centre. The Centre provides individual consultations with trained academic writing instructors and tutors to all students at the University of Lethbridge from all disciplines. There is no charge for this instruction, and we are happy to assist students at all stages of the writing process and levels of proficiency. Our learning environment is friendly, inclusive, and scholarly. We look forward to helping you.


The Centre is located in the Library. Our room number is L1010


The primary function of the Writing Centre is to provide students from all disciplines with practical writing support that supplements in-class instruction and helps students understand a wide variety of writing assignments, including research papers, summaries, critical essays, literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and lab reports. When possible, we will also work with students writing in the professional genres, including resumes, cover letters, and application letters. Our one-on-one writing consultations allow for a more personalized and interactive learning experience in an academic context. Our ultimate goal is to help students better develop and articulate their own ideas and to make effective rhetorical choices in their academic writing.

The Centre is administered by the Academic Writing Program but open to students from all Faculties, Departments, and Programs. Like the Academic Writing Program, the Writing Centre approaches writing as a context-specific activity. That is, rather than emphasizing universal or prescriptive rules for all writing scenarios, the Centre’s pragmatic approach to writing, informed by genre theory, teaches students that writing conventions or forms arise from particular social situations to fit the needs of that community, of that social group and the “conversations” it typically holds.

Academic writing—the type of writing we address in the Centre--is an essential part of scholarly culture at the University of Lethbridge. The kind of writing that academics in a research insitution do and assign to their students can be further divided into sub-genres that correspond to the various academic disciplines. The aim of our approach is to demystify these scholarly genres, helping students to develop a critical awareness of academic writing and of the expectations of academic readers. We believe that such an awareness will be invaluable in scholarly but also in personal and professional contexts.