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Welcome to the Academic Writing Program

We offer introductory and advanced courses that take a pragmatic approach to rhetoric and composition instruction.

The Academic Writing Program offers introductory and advanced classes in rhetoric and composition at the University of Lethbridge. Our genre-based, writing-in-the disciplines approach to writing instruction ensures that students will gain valuable insight and experience in the theory and practice of reading and writing in the disciplines relevant to their areas of study—whether in the arts, sciences, business, fine arts, health sciences, or education. Effective reading, writing, and reasoning skills, we believe, are essential in academic as well as professional contexts, and they are the foundation of becoming an educated person.

The Writing Centre


Location: L1010, Library
Phone: 403-394-3963

The Writing Centre provides individual consultations to all students at the University of Lethbridge. There is no charge for instruction, and we are happy to assist at all stages of the writing process and levels of procifiency. Our learning environment is friendly, inclusive, and scholarly. We look forward to helping you!


Hours of Operation

Monday  to  Friday:
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

COVID-19 UPDATE:  The Writing Centre is still available to students; we are closed to all in-person meetings, but are still available for online and eTutor appointments.  The two formats are both conducted via the internet but are slightly different:

Online appointments (which show up in pink on the schedule) require access to the internet for the duration of the appointment.  Five minutes before the appointment time, the student should click on their appointment, then click on the online link, and a window opens allowing the student to post or upload text to the main window.  The tutor will join the conversation, and the tutor and student can then instant message back and forth on the right-hand side of the window, as well as add/remove additional comments or text in the main window.  Video and audio can also be added if both parties enable this on their devices and if the internet speed is fast enough.  

ETutor appointments (which show up in green on the schedule) allow students to post files to their appointment on our online schedule; the tutor will then add comments to the file and email them back to the student.  This is not as ideal as the back-and-forth of the instant messaging or audio/video option with online appointments (above).  If mutually agreed upon, the tutor and student may want to connect via phone call to allow for conversation.  If you wish to be contacted by phone, please add your phone number to your appointment under "additional information."  

We hope these options will work for you.  We plan to continue to offer support to students for the rest of the semester.  

- The Writing Centre

The Bride Prize

The Bridge Prize National Short Story Award

Beginning in 2020, and in alternating years for the next decade, the Bridge Prize intends to inspire and motivate the next generation of Canadian literary artists as they transition to careers as professional writers. The Bridge Prize is presented by the School of Liberal Education at the University of Lethbridge.

The next prize will be awarded in 2022

    Top prize: $7,500
    Three additional finalists: $1000
    Each winning author will also receive a $200 gift card courtesy of Munro’s Books.

    WRIT. 1000 - NEW AWP INSTRUCTOR for F2020 & S2021


    Adriana Monteiro Lima will be offering three sections of WRIT. 1000 in the Fall 2020 Semester.

    WRIT 1000 Sec. G (CRN # 33154)

    WRIT 1000 Sec. J (CRN # 33157) 

    WRIT 1000 Sec. L (CRN # 33329)

    For more information please contact:  Merle Christie, Admin. Support (AWP) at




    Spring 2021:  Wednesday:  1:30— 2:45pm

    This seminar-style course examines scholarly communication with the aim of cultivating the sophisticated rhetorical awareness and composition skills cru- cial for success in graduate programs and professional writing beyond. We will examine a range of genres, including proposals, abstracts, literature re- views, and research articles; discuss the goals and conventions of theses and dissertations; learn techniques for effective critique, citation, positioning, and persuasion in various fields; study disciplinary style conventions; and develop the audience awareness necessary for students to successfully enter profes- sional dialogue through research writing. This semester, we will meet for syn- chronous discussions on Zoom Wednesday afternoons. Other lesson materials will be provided asynchronously.

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