First Time Teaching

In every teaching career, there are career firsts. This section focuses on helping first-time instructors get a basic grasp on some of the main issues they will have to deal with when teaching a course here at the University of Lethbridge. You can also access our Teaching Resources Guide. 

Creating a Course Syllabus

Every course utilizes a syllabus or course outline to determine what the objectives are of the course and to provide students with a breakdown of the course. This resource will help you identify the essential features of a course syllabus, so they are not overlooked in your course.

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The First Ten Minutes

Often the first ten minutes at the beginning of a class can be the most important. To learn tips and tricks on how to handle yourself on the first day of class, click here.

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Educational Technology Support

Check out what technologies we recommend for enhancing your course, and find some tutorials to help you along.

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Moodle Answers

The Teaching Centre spends a lot of time performing Moodle support. We do so much support for it that it has support pages that can be accessed by visiting: