There is a variety of resources available that can help you with your teaching. They have been categorized and ordered to help you better find the content you need. If you are unable to find a resource you need on our pages, please let the Teaching Centre know. We will do our best to gather and create new resources for you, but also will be able to help you one-on-one to meet your needs.

First Time Teaching

If this is your first time teaching a course at the UofL, this section will provide you with information on course syllabi as well as some tips on what to do during the first ten minutes of class.

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Exams and Assignments

In this section, you will find information on how to assess your students. From creating multiple choice questions to the overall structure of an exam, this section will be valuable for your assessment practices.

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Engaging Your Students

How can you get your students to engage with materials in your class, as well as with each other via group work and discussion

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Managing the Classroom

From how to keep discussion under control to making the most of your learning environment, this section has resources that can help keep your class under control.

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The University of Lethbridge utilizes Moodle as it's learning management system. We have many staff in the Teaching Centre that can help you with Moodle related issues, but there is also a site maintained by the Teaching Centre specifically designed to help you teach using Moodle. Access this site at:

Online and Blended Learning

Do the principles of teaching change when you move to an online environment? Do students interact in a different manner online? This section explores some of the questions that arise when you move from a typical face to face class, to an online or blended course.

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Feedback for Teaching

Making improvements to your teaching requires some reflection and some feedback. This section contains resources that can help you get the feedback process underway.

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Supported Educational Technology

Often when changing or improving your teaching, you will find that technology often becomes involved. Understanding what technologies to use and how you can get help will save you a lot of frustration down the road.

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