Turnitin.com offers a plagiarism detection service, as well as, Grademark and Feedback Studio marking tools. Unlike other plagiarism detections software such as Grammarly.com, Turnitin has a database of journals and academic papers, including student works, that it checks against.

Although Turnitin.com is great for generating originality reports that help you detect plagiarism, it has many other editing tools for student assignments that are often overlooked.

Getting Started at the UofL with using Turnitin.com

A quick overview of Turnitin, and how to get your account up and running.

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Using Peermark Assignments within Turnitin.com

This provides an explanation of assignments that are reviewed by peers in the class. Feedback is provided by one or more peers rather than the instructor. This is often a great way to get students to practice writing about a topic, without the fear of a bad mark.

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Using Revision Assignments within Turnitin.com

When students write an essay, some instructors offer a "red marking" period. This is a time in which the instructor will pursue the student's essay and provide some feedback to help improve the student's writing about the particular topic. However, with Turnitin, you can provide feedback digitally and allow the students to improve and resubmit.

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