Creating Exams and Assignments

This section will provide you with information pertinent to creating an exam whether it is a paper-based exam or an exam that will take place online within Moodle.

Testing for Student Learning

Align your assessment practices with the goals of your course.

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Should I give online or paper exams?

Weigh your options. Paper exams or online exams using Moodle

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How should I structure an exam?

This article explores the structure and contents of exams and provides some tips to help you build your exams.

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How do I create good multiple choice questions?

Selected response questions can be tricky. Be sure to pick good distractors and learn what distractors should never be used.

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How do I create excellent constructed-response questions?

Short or long answer questions can be an excellent way to assess students on an exam. Learn the best ways to create these types of questions.

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How do I create a database of exam questions?

Moodle, the UofL's supported LMS, can create a database of exam questions that can be useful in creating exams. Creating questions in the database is an important part of the process of creating online exams.

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How do I create an online exam?

Online exams are created using the LMS, Moodle. To learn more about creating Moodle exams, please visit

What are elements of a good assignment?

Your assignment should have elements that meet up with the learning goals or objectives you wish your students to achieve.

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What types of assignments should I give?

Explore ways to determine what type of assignment will work best for your learning goals

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Are there rules relating to final exams and projects?

How much can an exam be worth? When can exams be given?

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