Concentrations and Minors

Do I have to declare a concentration or minor?

Most programs offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science do not require students to complete a concentration or a minor. The exception to this is students in the Combined B.A./B.Ed. program with a major in Native Education; these students must complete a minor in a teachable subject area. Adding a minor and/or concentration to your degree program is a great way to highlight your interest in another subject area to future employers.

Can I wait-list for courses for my concentration or minor?

As concentrations and minors are optional components of our degree programs, we cannot accept wait-list requests for courses for your concentration or minor. Although we strive to regularly offer courses for the available concentrations and minors, we cannot guarantee that students will be able to complete a concentration and/or minor during the course of their degree program. However, because there are several options for our concentrations and minors we anticipate that students will not experience significant difficulties completing their declared concentration and/or minor.

What is a concentration?

A degree concentration is a set of additional courses beyond those required for your major. They are optional components of some of our degree programs and are related to, but separate from, your major. Concentrations give students the opportunity to develop an individualized degree program that transcends the scope of a single academic discipline or major program. For students who complete all requirements, the concentration will be acknowledged on the official transcript.

What concentrations are available?

Concentrations are available only to the following Faculty of Arts & Science majors:

Optional Concentration: Agricultural Business:

  • B.A. Agricultural Studies
  • B.Sc. Agricultural Studies
  • B.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Post-Diploma B.A. Agricultural Studies
  • Post-Diploma B.Sc. Agricultural Studies

Optional Concentration: Geographical Information Science:

  • B.Sc. Agricultural Studies
  • B.A. Archaeology & Geography
  • B.Sc. Archaeology & Geography
  • B.Sc. Environmental Science
  • B.A. Geography
  • B.Sc. Geography
  • BASc. Geography
  • Post-Diploma B.Sc. Agricultural Studies
  • Post-Diploma B.Sc. Geography

Option Concentration: Legal Reasoning:

  • B.A. Philosophy
  • BASc. Philosphy

Optional Concentration: Research Internship:

  • B.Sc. Biological Sciences
  • BASc. Biological Sciences

Required Concentration: Economics, Geography, or Psychology

  • B.Sc. Applied Statistics

Required Concentration: Geographical Information Science

  • Post-Diploma B.Sc. Geography

What is a minor?

A minor is an optional component of your degree program that requires a smaller number of courses to complete. A minor is a good way to complement your major, have your interests in another subject area recognized on your official transcript, and expand your employment opportunities.

What minors are available to students registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science?

The following minors are currently available to students in the B.A., B.Sc., B.A.Sc. programs:

  • Asian Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • English
  • French
  • German (prior to 2013)
  • History
  • Japanese
  • Liberal Education
  • Linguistics
  • Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish
  • Women and Gender Studies

Students in combined programs with the Faculty of Education or the Faculty of Management are unable to declare a minor for the B.A. or B.Sc. portion of the combined degree, but may declare a minor for the B.Ed. or B.Mgt. portion. Please see an advisor in the appropriate Faculty for more information.

How do I declare a minor or concentration?

See a Student Program Advisor in SU060 to complete a Program Change Form. The advisor will discuss the courses required in the minor or concentration and will advise you on how to plan to complete these requirements during the course of your degree program.