Programs and Majors

What is a program?

A program is a specific set of course requirements leading to the completion of admission requirements, degree, diploma, or certificate either at the University of Lethbridge or at an institution with which the University has formal transfer arrangements. Generally your program is the degree(s) that you are working towards, such as the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education (BSc/BEd).

What is a major?
A major is the main area of specialization within the broader program requirements. For example, a student in the BA program can choose a major from the Humanities or Social Sciences. His or her program could be a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Anthropology, or a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology.

What is a minor?
A minor is a secondary area of focus. Depending on your program faculty, students must complete 4-6 courses in a secondary area to attain a minor. A minor can enhance your resume and complement your major, while allowing student to pursue a second passion. Completed minors will be recognized on your university transcript.

A minor may be required or optional depending on your major. Some minors are not available in all programs.

How can I change my program?

Students need to submit a Request for Student Program Change Form to the Registrar's Office to change their program. You should see a Student Program Advisor if you are considering changing your program and/or major because they will give you the correct Program Planning Guide for your new program and will also advise you on which courses to choose for your new requirements.

All students who change their program (e.g. from Pre-B.A./B.Ed. to B.A.) or wanting to change to a Quota Program (i.e. majors in Environmental Science or Agricultural Studies) must see a Student Program Advisor.

When can I change my program?

To have your program change effective for the following Spring semester, the Program Change Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office before October 15th of the previous year. To have the change effective for the following Fall semester, the Program Change Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office no later than February 15th of that year.

Do I have to declare a major?

No, it is possible to study at the University of Lethbridge with an "Undeclared" major, however seats are usually reserved in courses for students who need them for their declared major. This means that as an "Undeclared" major your access to courses during registration will be limited.

What is my Calendar Year?

For most students, their year of the calendar is the academic year that they were most recently admitted to the University of Lethbridge. Your calendar year determines the degree requirements that you need to fulfill to complete your program.

Your calendar year will only change in the following circumstance:

  • You elect to follow a later calendar year to take advantage of changes to the curriculum. For example, the minor in Religious Studies was created in 2011/2012. If a student whose calendar year is 2010/2011 wants to declare this minor and have it recognized upon graduation, they will need to change to a later calendar year.
  • You came to the U of L directly from an institution with which we have a transfer agreement and request to follow an earlier calendar year.
  • If you lose your continuing student status by not taking courses in a Fall or Spring semester and have to reapply to the University.

Continuing Arts & Science students must obtain approval from a Student Program Advisor to change their calendar year. This can be done during a walk-in appointment.