What should I do when I'm close to completing my degree?

  1. Once you have registered in courses for your last semester you should contact Arts & Science Student Program Services to request a 'graduation check'. Please note that grad checks cannot be done during office visits in the first two weeks of the semester due to the high volume of student traffic in our office.
  2. Once you've been assured you will have met all your requirements you may apply to graduate via the Bridge. Visit the Registrar's Office Convocation website for important information including graduation application deadlines and details.

What is the difference between "Distinction" and "Great Distinction"?

Undergraduate degrees with Distinction or Great Distinction are conferred upon students who have displayed outstanding academic performance during their undergraduate degree programs.

Arts & Science students are awarded their degree "With Distinction" if they have an Award GPA of 3.50 to 3.74 and "With Great Distinction" if they have an Award GPA of 3.75 or higher.

For the purposes of awarding degrees, the Faculty of Arts & Science calculates the award grade point average as a combined GPA of all U of L and transfer course grades, with A+ grades as 4.3 grade points.