Accident Reporting-Automobile

  1. Stop at once to prevent further mishap
  2. Pull out of traffic and do not get out of the vehicle unless it is safe to do so and ableIf necessary call 911: police and ambulance
  3. If accident occurred on campus, call Security 403-329-2345
  4. Do not argue with other parties. Do not admit or deny responsibility and do not sign any document unless required to do so by a police officer
  5. Exchange name, address, driver’s licence number, license plate number, vehicle registration and insurance details with the driver of the other vehicle. If you have a camera phone, take photos of these items and of the scene if it’s safe to do so.
  6. Obtain name, address and phone number of any witness(s)
  7. File a collision report with the police if damage is over $2000.00 or if there are injuries
  8. If the accident is a hit and run report to police within 24hrs
  9. Report the accident to your supervisor
  10. Complete an on-line accident incident report “CAIR” as soon as possible at the following link:
  11. Scan and email a copy of the UofL automobile accident report, collision report and any photos to insurance & risk services

FORM: UL Automobile Accident Report.pdf