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Safety Reporting

Emergency Assistance (24/7):

General Inquiries:

For assistance with completing this form:

Campus Security (403) 329-2345

Campus Safety (403) 329-2603

Contact Safety Services

Important to know

For concerns regarding harassment, bullying or discrimination, please contact Human Resources at (403) 329-2274 and refer here.

Employees have the right to refuse dangerous work and are protected from reprisal for exercising this right.

Submit an Incident Report to document Right to Refuse Dangerous Work action.

The Right to Refuse Dangerous Work Procedure outlines steps that must be followed and documented.


must immediately report all incidents, injuries, illnesses, near misses and hazards to their Supervisor. (Note: Students must immediately inform their class instructor / professor).
The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code (Section 182) requires that all illnesses and injuries that occur at a worksite MUST be reported.


are required to complete an investigation of all hazards, incidents and near misses to ensure corrective measures are implemented and will be notified to complete the appropriate investigation report.