Research Internship Concentration

Imagine being the first to discover something about a gene, a cell, an organism or an ecosystem! The Research Internship Concentration allows you to make discovery through biological research an integral part of your university program.

In your first year, after an orientation to the tools necessary to conduct research in one of the many biological sub-fields, you will be participating in unique and current research projects. Each subsequent year will build on these skills with an emphasis on designing, carrying out, and presenting the results from research projects under the guidance of faculty and graduate students. You will also have the opportunity to carry out independent research by choosing to do an independent study or an undergraduate thesis in your final year.

Through this program, you will enhance key skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, observation, diagnosis, organization and presentation that are important not only to research but to any career path. The Research Internship Concentration is a small group (or cohort) of motivated students with the desire for hands-on experience. The program offers opportunities to build strong working relationships with biology faculty, apply for esteemed research grants, connect with researchers at Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, and work amongst like-minded students.

This concentration is open to those with 80% in Biology 30, a 75% overall average, and a desire to be a part of the scientific discovery process. All eligible applications will be considered but acceptance into the concentration is limited. Please read through the concentration requirements. Additional information may be requested. 

After acceptance into the concentration, there are several activities held in the Fall semester to help students get to know each other before starting the first concentration-specific course, Biology 2001, in the Spring semester. In previous years, students have gone out to the Westcastle Field Station for a weekend retreat.

The deadline to apply for 2020-2021 Concentration is July 31, 2020

Please contact if you have any questions.