Summerschool Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands

The Utrecht Summerschool started in 1987, with one course: Dutch Culture and Society. In the last two decades the Summerschool developed into a broad selection of courses in virtually all disciplines Utrecht University offers you a broad range of courses, from all possible disciplines.

Host institution
Hogeschool Utrecht
Dependent upon program
See program details for dates
Course transfer

As the European university academic structure varies greatly from the North American system, courses completed at a European exchange partner will not be transferred back to the U of L on a course-for-course basis. Rather, exchange course transfer is based on the number of ECTS (European Transfer Credit System) credits earned by the student while in Utrecht. For example, a student wanting to receive credit for 2 UofL courses (6 credits) will be required to complete 12 ECTS. The Summerschool Urecht programs include:

Management 3/4XXX:

Social Science 1/2XXX:

Humanities 1/2XXX:

Students wishing to complete the “Doing Business in Europe” program that includes “European Cultures and Identities”, “European Business Skills” and the “European Management Game” can attain credit for 1 management, and either 1 social science or 1 humanities course.

The fees vary among Summerschool programs and do not include accommodation. Additionally, U of L participants may be required to pay U of L tuition (for either one or two summer session courses), if they wish to earn U of L credit for course electives.

The student accommodations that are reserved for Summerschool students are located throughout the city. All accommodation is situated within easily accessible distances from various educational institutions. They are in the University Centre (Uithof), in the city centre of Utrecht, or its suburbs.

All rooms are fully furnished and decorated, and include crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, cleaning materials and bedding. The rooms are either single or double rooms with shared facilities. Student cafeterias are mostly closed during summer, but in your residence kitchen you can find everything you need to cook a nice (Dutch?) meal. Summerschool generally tries to house students from one course in the same accommodation.

Application deadline
Dependent on summer program please check specific program for dates and application procedure. All applications must be submitted through the International Programs office.
If you are interested in this program, or have further questions, please contact the Faculty of Management International Programs office as soon as possible at or 403.329.2148.
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