Poznań University of Economics and Business

Poznań, Poland

The exchange agreement

The exchange agreement between the University of Lethbridge and Poznan University of Economics and Business was signed in 2003.

Semester dates

Fall semester
late September – early February (or end of December, for U of L exchange students needing to return for our spring semester.)
Orientation: late September
Suggest arrival: late September
Spring semester
mid February – late June
Orientation: mid February
Suggested arrival: early February

The country

For centuries, Poland has been a bridge between the East and West. Set in the heart of Europe, Poland is a multifaceted country where the capital and medieval towns are trawled by contemporary city slickers, and where horse-drawn carts negotiate country lanes, untouched by progress.

Poland remains reasonably inexpensive and safe, with hospitable people who welcome visitors. Over the past decade, it has developed into a modern, vibrant and progressive state, yet at the same time it maintains its traditional culture. It's a fascinating destination and now is a good time to go.

With a population of just over 38 million, Poland is situated in the eastern part of Central Europe. It shares land borders with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast). The northern border, as long as 440 kilometres, is the Baltic Sea coast line.

For more information about Poland, see the Government of Poland website.

The city

Poznań is the capital of the Province of Wielkopolska (Great Poland) and is one of the oldest and largest cities in the country, inhabited by 580,000 inhabitants.

The city is situated at a strategic location on the cross-roads of the most important European road and rail transportation routes and lies halfway between Warsaw and Berlin and 81 miles from the German border.

Poznań is a large tourist centre with numerous historical buildings and landmarks, such as the 16th century renaissance Town Hall in the Old Square that is surrounded by old merchant houses which were carefully restored after World War II.

For more information about Poznań, visit City of Poznań and Interaktywny Poznań.

The university

The Poznan University of Economics and Business is the biggest and oldest business university in the region of Wielkopolska. Its origins go back to 1926, when the Foundation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded the College of Commerce. Presently, the Poznan University of Economics and Business specializes in educating economists, managers and specialists in quality management in all sectors of the economy. The university runs four international MBA programs and also offers a one semester English program, which is specially prepared for foreign students. It also comprises an introduction to Polish language and culture. It ranks among the leading economics universities in Poland and the largest economics universities in Europe.

For further information, visit the Poznań University of Economics and Business website.


Aside from the regular courses taught in Polish, each semester 12-15 courses are taught in English (as well as a few in German and French). Most of these courses are considered to be Management; however there are also a few non-management courses offered in fields of Economics and Computer Science. Further, foreign language courses are available in Polish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. (Instruction of foreign languages is conducted in Polish and/or the language being studied). The Polish as a Foreign Language course (instruction given in English) in mandatory for University of Lethbridge exchange students.


Exchange students going to the Poznan University of Economics and Business have two housing choices:

  1. Dormitory
    • Arrangements made by the Poznań International Relations Office
    • The rooms are shared with another student
    • Each room has two single beds, two desks, and closet/dresser
    • Rooms are not very big, but comfortable and nice.
    • Shared bathroom and two kitchens on each floor.
    • There is no kitchen equipment; you can either bring it with you or buy it in Poznań.
    • On the ground floor there is a TV room, recreational room and laundry.
    • There are three different residence halls, called "Atol", "Dewizka" and "Feniks".
    • Cost: 260 zł/month
  2. Off-campus Apartment/Flat
    • This is not arranged through the Poznań International Relations Office, but rather students must make their own arrangements for off-campus housing. Seeking the help of Polish exchange students to the U of L is recommended, and with some help, finding a shared and furnished flat is a reasonable option.
    • Cost: may vary from 300 - 600 zł/month

Further information on housing


Poznań has a convenient public transportation system consisting of buses and trams. The halls of residence are situated 10-20 minutes away from the school. The cost of a student's monthly ticket for all lines is about C$10.

Visa requirements

Students going to Poland for an exchange must apply for a Long-term Multiple-Entry Visa valid for one year (Poland visa application process.pdf). Visas are free of charge for exchange students going to study at a public Polish university, and applications can be made by mail. For further details about this visa, contact the Consulate-General of Poland in Vancouver.

The visa application process may have changed since this page was updated. Please email International Programs (int.programs@uleth.ca) for more information.

Consulate-General of Poland
1600-1177 W Hastings St
Vancouver BC V6E 2K3 Tel: 604.688.3530
Tel: 604.688.730
Fax: 604.688.3537
Email: vancouver@polishembassy.ca
Website: www.polishembassy.ca


Based on comments from our previous exchange students to Poznań, the costs for the exchange are approximately as follows:

  • Housing: C$140/month (dormitory); C$120-250/month (off-campus flat)
  • Textbooks: C$10 - 35 (total)
  • Food: approx. C$120 - 200/month
  • Transportation: approx. C$10 - 30/month. Local transport is inexpensive (about C$10 for a local monthly pass. The optional travel throughout Poland and to neighbouring countries will add to these basic costs.
  • Visa: cost of sending application by courier

Videos and photos

View an online video clip (MOV, 00:05:16) of Polish exchange students, and a former UofL exchange student to Poznań, talk about the Polish exchange at our September 2004 UofL International Program Info Sessions.

Student contacts

My exchange was the best time of my life I met the most amazing people and experienced a lot of things I was not accustomed to. The Polish people are extremely nice and understanding when you take the time to talk to them. I was extremely lucky enough to play hockey for the PTK Poznań hockey team. The school was very interesting and the lifestyle was amazing.

Nick Wong, spring 2007 exchange student to Poznań

The international program was amazing. Not only did I learn about other countries, but I learned a lot about myself. It was an excellent learning adventure. I would do the program again in a second if I could. I wouldn't change a thing about my exchange. It was an unreal experience!

Dani Dwinnell, spring 2005 exchange student to Poznań

My exchange to Poland was a blast. I met a lot of Polish people, met other exchange students, spent some weekends and holidays with Polish families, visited many nice, small towns. It was great! My exchange to Poland was very worthwhile, and I would recommend it to other students!

Lee San Ng, spring 2005 exchange student to Poznań

Former and current UofL exchange students to the Poznań University of Economics and Business, as well as our current incoming exchange students from Poznań are happy to talk to students interested in the exchange. To request their contact information, please email int.programs@uleth.ca.