Degree and Certificate Programs

The Faculty of Management offers degree and certificate programs to suit your particular needs, whether you are just out of high school, have some college or university courses, or are already in the workforce.  

The four-year Bachelor of Management degree appeals to high school graduates with little or no college or university background. If you have interests in management and the arts, sciences, fine arts, or education, you can pursue your interests in the five-year combined degree that leads to the conferral of two degrees.

View or print the Bachelor of Management 4-Year and 5-Year Combined Degree brochure

If you have a two-year business or business-related diploma, you may already have two years of credit toward the Bachelor of Management degree.

If you are a current degree holder, you can pursue a Bachelor of Management as a second degree.

Certificate programs

If you are looking for a shorter program, management certificates are 10-course academic programs that allow for focused study in one major area. Admission to this program can be gained through a number of routes. For more information, check out the Faculty of Management section in the U of L calendar.

The Professional Diploma in Accounting will appeal to you if you already have a degree and are working toward an accounting designation: CA, CMA, CGA or CPA.

We work closely with the different associations to ensure that you will be well prepared to pursue any professional designation.