Am I eligible for wait-listing?

Students can wait-list for courses as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The course must be required in your current major.
  • The course must be offered within the Faculty of Arts & Science.
  • You have the prerequisite for the course or have submitted a signed Prerequisite Waiver Form to Arts & Science Student Program Services in SU060.
  • The course must fit your schedule or you give us permission to drop you from a course to accommodate the wait-listed course.
  • You must have attempted to register in the course during your initial assigned registration period.

Wait-list requests cannot be approved for courses that will be used towards Lib Ed Requirment, elective, minor, or concentration requirements.

How do I wait-list for a course?

A Wait-List Request Web Form will be made available through the Arts & Science Advising website only duringthe wait-listing periods. Continuing students are able to wait-list immediately following the initial registration period and newly admitted students are able to wait-list immediately following the add/drop period. Check the Notice Board for the exact dates.

Does it matter how early during the wait-listing period I submit my request?

No, wait-list requests are prioritized based on the students' degree progress. Students who are closest to finishing their degree will be accommodated first and students wait-listing on the last day will receive equal treatment to those submitting on the first day of the wait-list period.

Once I am on the wait-list, should I keep trying to register?

Yes, it is required that wait-listed students continue trying to register in the course(s) on their own.

Why would I be removed from the wait-list?

Students are removed from the wait-list if:

  • they are already registered in the course
  • the requested course is not offered within the Faculty of Arts & Science
  • they already registered in the maximum number of courses permitted
  • it is found the prerequisite(s) have not been met and the student has not obtained a Prerequisite Waiver Form
  • a time conflict exists with the course that is wait-listed and the courses in which they are already registered
  • the student has a cash hold on their account

Am I guaranteed to be registered in the course I am wait-listing for?

Although every attempt is made to accommodate valid wait-list requests, it is not guaranteed that we will be able to register you in the course. You should discuss alternative course options or sequencing plans with an Arts and Science Student Program Advisor.

If my wait-list request is accepted, when will I get into the course?

If we are able to accommodate your wait-list request, you may be registered in the course at any time between the wait-list period and the end of the Add/Drop period, depending on the unique circumstances of the course(s) you need.

How will I know if I have been registered in the course?

Students are notified when their registration changes by an automated e-mail sent by the Registrar's Office. Of course, you can always check your registration on the Bridge.

Who do I contact about changes to my wait-list request?

Students can email artsci.waitlist@uleth.ca.