Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

What are our students saying about the Academic Writing Program? Find out in the comments below.

"I highly recommend taking the Writing 1000 course. Of all the courses I took in my first year, it was by far the most useful. It has noticeably improved both my writing and reading skills. It teaches students how to properly write summaries, how to structure essays, how to research and cite sources properly, and even how to use appropriate and effective grammar.

Basically, it will help to improve and fine-tune the skills that you already have, and will make you a much better writer—at least, this was my experience. The work load is somewhat heavy; however, it is by no means unreasonable and it is so worth the work it takes. Unlike many courses, which sometimes seem only to make you memorize facts and concepts that only apply to that topic or area of study, this one teaches you skills that you can use in any area. Again, it is a very useful course, and I very much recommend taking it."

Wesley Ogloff
Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)

"As someone who took Writing 1000 in his first semester of university, I found that this course helped me embrace the academic environment of university. Although this course may seem intimidating, its progressive structure lead to my increased confidence as a writer. Introductory projects such as summaries allowed me to implement basic elements of academic writing and receive constructive feedback. In turn, this feedback prepared me to write the two major assignments of Writing 1000, the critical essay and research paper.

Even though the course is intended to teach writing at an academic level, it also provided useful and open perspectives on rhetoric on the multiple genres of reading and writing that we do in our personal and professional lives. I learned, for example, that academic writing should not be considered a "better" form, but rather one of the many possible forms of writing, one that is used in a specific, scholarly setting. It is essential to realize the importance of context or the social situation of language if you want to use it well.

Overall, Writing 1000 has given me the tools to excel in projects as a student, and enhanced my confidence to succeed as an aspiring professional. My advice to future students of this course is to enter with an open-mind and a willingness to learn. I believe this course applies to multiple disciplines and can provide an unique perspective for each student. Talking to instructors outside of the classroom who are willing to challenge students is also ideal for success. Hopefully, Writing 1000 will provide future students with insightful knowledge on their journey as aspiring students and professionals."

Kevin Beauchamp
Bachelor of Management (Finance)

"Writing 1000 has been such a valuable course for me, both academically and personally. As a result of this course, I was able to successfully compete and place 3rd in a National Marketing Competition; I was also able to attain the summer position of my dreams! Writing 1000 is one of the most important and useful courses you will ever take in University."

Brittany Miller
Bachelor of Management



"I just wanted to thank you for the great course this semester. Though I originally was only taking it since I had to (since I am going into Ed), I am so happy that I took it and that you were my professor. I learned a lot in your class that I will take with me for the rest of my courses in university."

Kacy Berry
Pre BA/BEd

"Thanks again for a great class. It was challenging, but I learned a lot. I feel like I made it over a big writing-style/technique hurdle. My writing will be forever changed (for the better) because of your class and 'tough love'!"

Anne Goble
Bachelor of Management

"Of all the courses taken during my Bachelors degree, Writing 1000 was one of the top, if not the top, courses that I consider to have been instrumental in giving me the skills I needed to excel. Not only did this course give me the rhetorical power to clearly articulate arguments in papers assigned in class, but it also enabled me to carefully analyze any argument presented, written or otherwise. That is, I've attained my own style of writing that is unique and empowering, and I've gained critical thinking skills important for classes, business, and my personal life.

The fundamental nature of this course, in terms of the building blocks it presents to the student in a well-ordered manner, has been so critical to my success I would consider it an essential, if not mandatory, course to take at the University of Lethbridge. I suspect many students who have completed this course in their early years at the University have seen a substantial increase in their GPA over what they would have received if they had avoided what might seem a daunting workload.

If you are reading this and considering whether to take the course, I might ask you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I understand the power of rhetoric, that is, the work that words do?
  • Do I easily understand complicated arguments?
  • Am I confident in my abilities to write an academic paper?

If you answered no to any of these questions, or you'd like to improve those skills, you should take this course.

As far as specific suggestions for successful completion of the course, I would suggest to the Writing 1000 student to be prepared to think critically, to be open to the possibility of improving your grammar, to absorb instruction on style of writing, and to avoid the perspective of this course as a dusty grammatical bore-fest, but rather view the course as an opportunity to learn about the pleasures of writing confidently. Most importantly, complete the readings before class and come prepared to discuss them.

Writing 1000 - a must-take!"

Jeremy Girard
Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience)
ULSU President 2009-10

Grace"An Introduction to Academic Writing starts students thinking about their university experience in relation to the high volumes of writing they will do throughout their degree. As a science major, I found the grammar unit particularly helpful when writing up formal lab reports. Researching my paper really helped with knowing how to use the library databases, a skill I now use at my job for background literature searches of scientific papers.

Writing 1000 is best taken in your first year of study, as it (to be slightly cliché) begins the university conversation and stimulates independent thought. Writing is a valuable skill applicable to many life experiences; improve your writing and better your future chances in the job market!"

Grace Carruthers
Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)

"My experience in Writing 1000 was a very rewarding one. Although I came into this class with a thorough understanding of the English Language, I was able to learn so much more about scholarly writing, and how it could enhance my writing for other University courses. Writing 1000 has been very beneficial for me in my Marketing major, because through this course, I was able to write more persuasive and intriguing essays, reports, and Marketing plans.

What I have also found very fascinating was that in having a solid background in Writing 1000, my speaking skills were greatly improved during presentations, because of topics such as tone and rhetoric which were covered as part of the Writing 1000 syllabus. I think it’s also very important to note that my valuable experience in this course, was greatly owed to an outstanding professor who was so passionate about his work, and in turn that passion was transferred to me, and many other students who took this class with him."

Akera Louis
International Student (St.Lucia)
Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

Jordan"I'm a student majoring in psychology and I took Writing 1000 as a GLER in my first semester of my first year. I found this course to be both interesting and extremely useful for my other courses as it helped me to make the transition from High School writing to University writing; it further enhanced my essay writing skills and especially helped me to master the art of citation, something that was previously unknown to me."

Jordan Bartlett
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)