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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts & Science

We are the founding academic faculty at the University of Lethbridge with over 40 disciplines.

The Faculty of Arts & Science offers three very diverse degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc), and Bachelor of Science (BSc). As a liberal education based system, you must select courses from the humanities, social sciences, and sciences as part of your degree program requirements. As such, you have the opportunity to study from within your areas of interest even if these areas are not part of your major. You can make your uLethbridge degree exactly that - YOUR degree - individualized to what you want to study.

Faculty News

Liam Mitchell

U of L study tracks the evolution of bird behaviour

A research project led by Liam Mitchell, a fourth-year neuroscience student, has revealed evidence of an evolutionary relationship between migration and vocal duetting in birds.

Vocal duets occur when a mated pair of birds sings together. The study, which is the first to describe the evolution of duetting in a family of birds known as warblers, shows that duetting co-evolved with the absence of migration.

“The basic pattern had been shown before, but not for this family,” says Dr. David Logue, a U of L psychology professor and principal investigator in the Birdsong Lab. “That we found the same result as previous studies suggests that the pattern is real. It’s a good example of replication—a core principle of the scientific method that is often neglected.”

Leca Gambling Article

Monkeys can barter but can they gamble, asks new study from University of Lethbridge researcher

You’re not likely to see them flooding casinos any time soon, but the University of Lethbridge’s Dr. Jean-Baptiste Leca and his colleagues are embarking on a study that may turn a population of Balinese long-tailed macaque monkeys into gamblers.

Leca, an associate professor in the U of L’s Department of Psychology, is teaming up with Dr. Rob Williams, a gambling research expert in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Dr. Elsa Addessi, a cognitive psychologist and primatologist at the National Research Center in Rome, Italy, to explore whether monkeys have cognitive biases and behavioural responses that are different from, or similar to, that of humans when it comes to gambling activities.

SAB Image

New Science and Academic Building

In September 2019, we will be opening the new science and academic building – a place for community engagement and outreach; a place with innovation laboratories where undergraduate and graduate research opportunities develop; where knowledge moves from the lab to industry; a place that fosters the next generation of researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.

The building adds 36,000 sq. metres to the campus footprint, but more importantly, the Destination Project helps to define the University’s direction for the future. It will advance our region and province, providing incredible opportunities for generations to come.

Take a sneak peek inside the Wintergarden! In keeping with the design principle of sustainability, this attractive, tiered informal learning space captures solar radiation during cold weather, thereby reducing energy.

Upcoming Events

Spark Teaching Symposium

Spark Teaching Symposium

Spark Teaching Symposium
University of Lethbridge - Markin Hall | April 25-26

RSVP by April 19th

The goal of the event is to connect with instructors and graduate students from across multiple departments and faculties to highlight innovative teaching methods, celebrate teaching excellence, and to explore how we are moving forward as a liberal education institution. We will do this via lectures, panel discussions, round-table discussions and more.


CONNECTIONS: Humanities and Social Sciences Conference

It's time to let your academic work shine!

Show off the best of your academic work at the first Connections: Humanities and Social Sciences Student Conference at the University of Lethbridge on May 4-5. Proposals for papers from any discipline with the academic fields of the humanities and social sciences are welcome. ​

May 4-5, 2019
University of Lethbridge

PUBlic Professor

PUBlic Professor Series 2019/20

The University of Lethbridge is proud to present the PUBlic Professor Series, a monthly, thought-provoking lecture series that brings a range of experts and researchers from across the arts and sciences to the community for a spirited conversation.

September 26, 2019
Dr. Louise Barrett (Psychology)
October 24, 2019
Dr. Matthew Tata (Neuroscience)
November 21, 2019
Dr. Jackie Rice (Computer Science)
January 23, 2020
Dr. Carly Adams (Kinesiology)
February 27, 2020
Dr. Hillary Rodrigues (Religious Studies)
March 26, 2020
Dr. James MacKenzie (Anthropology)

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