Students: Use the Enterprise Web Portal to book your study room online!

Starting this fall, uLethbridge students can book study rooms online!

The Registrar’s Office is excited to launch the Enterprise Web Portal for students. The Portal can be used to book study rooms in the Library & Information Centre (LINC) corridor, Markin Hall, and Science Commons.

LINC Study Rooms: L1061, L1063, L1070, L1072, L1074, L1076, L1078, L1080

Markin Study Rooms: M1062, M1064, M1068, M1070, M1072, M1073, M1074, M1075, M1076, M1077, M1078, M1080, M1082, M1084, M1086, M1088, M2029, M2033

Science Commons Study Rooms: SA7214, SA7216, SA7218, SA7220, SA7222, SA7226

Visit the Registrar’s Office website to review the self-service guidelines and get started!



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