Open to all uLethbridge undergraduate students, the Plays and Prose Competitions awards $5000 in prizes for the Striking Prose and Play Right Prize.

Learn about the beauty of rocks and minerals! Enroll in Geology 2060 (Physical Geology) for Spring 2019 with Dr. René Barendregt.

Are you no longer considered youth the day you turn 18? Do Newspaper headlines about 'lazy Millennials' reflect you? How do media influence us in evaluating who can and can't be youth?

The web form will be available from November 8 (at 9 a.m.) until January 2 (at 4 p.m).

Requests must be made on-line via

Congratulations to the four uLethbridge teams who participated in the recent programming contest at the University of Saskatchewan!

A specialized Art Studio based course offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the Galt Museum & Archives.

Make a difference in teaching. Become a Teaching Centre Teaching Fellow. Information available at