Two-day workshop on blockchain for business

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Join us for a two-day workshop exploring blockchain in business. 

9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Nov. 6 and 8 

University of Lethbridge Penny Building

324 5 St. South, Lethbridge, Alta. 

This comprehensive two-day workshop will cover concepts from business management and blockchain to cryptocurrencies and smart contracts with a focus on energy, agriculture and manufacturing.  Disruptive trends such as artificial intelligence, cloud-computing and the internet of things will provide clarity for business leaders with a future focus. 

Sessions will be led by TerraHub founder, Dan Giurescu. Dan created TerraHub after he attempted to build a blockchain product and found it difficult to find realistic and knowledgeable sources. Dan saw the need for a company to help cut through the myths and provide real-world advice and guidance. TerraHub now offers workshops and guidance around blockchain to companies across North America.

Workshop outline


Industrial Blockchain Foundations and Business Management


● Blockchain history: how did we get here?

● Business management and blockchain - how to deal with the sudden change, what to

expect in the next 10 years?

● Industrial blockchain overview: contract management, supplier management, order

delivery, and invoicing

● Internet of Agreements (IoA) - legal considerations for smart contracts

Roundtable discussion

● Business opportunities for smart contracts: internal and external to an organization

● Impacts of smart contracts on Legal, Regulatory and M&A activity


● Cryptocurrency overview and smart contracts - how mining, cryptocurrencies and smart

contracts work together

● Security vs Utility vs Stable tokens

● Financial feasibility and risk profile of cryptocurrencies


With the energy and agriculture industry fast-growing adoption of Internet-enabled products, the business-to-business market for "Internet of Things" (IoT) communicating using blockchain technologies allows for IoT data to be shared and sold without the need for 3rd party consolidators.

● Industrial Blockchain and Internet of Things coming together to digitize the oilfield

● Blockchain technology vs. Distributed Ledger Technology vs Tangle technology

● Both use distributed ledgers, both are tamper proof, how are they different and when

should you deploy either?

● The opportunities and the risk associated with automating the oilfield and agriculture


● What makes a good investment? What type of ROI should be considered?

Round-table discussion

● Internet of Things and industry applications of blockchain

● Sharing IoT data with your peers, buying and selling IoT data, like location-specific

environmental data, without a 3rd party intermediaries

Day 1 recap

● Use cases of blockchain products in Energy and Agriculture: royalty payments,

regulatory compliance, 3rd party vendor engagement (oilfield services), buying/selling of

energy products, tracking and traceability of products, farm to plate.


A wave of digital transformation is changing how we will work in the future: from Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, to Blockchain – how are these technologies changing the companies you advise? A look at blockchain impacts to global sourcing.

Recap of day one, and questions

● Smart contracts and Internet of Agreements

● Cryptocurrency: security vs utility vs stable tokens

● Industrial Blockchain

Roundtable session

● Disruptive technology trends beyond blockchain: Cloud Computing, IoT, Artificial

Intelligence, to Blockchain – how are these technologies changing the companies you

advise? How is human performance affected by these changes? What to look for, in

tomorrow’s executives.


● Decision making: blockchain brings transparency and makes an overwhelming amount

of information available. How will a team of executives know what is relevant for critical

decision making?

Start a Project - live workshop

Teams of 4 people. Each team gets three blockchain opportunities to evaluate. Which is the

best technology investment?

● Each team choose one of the blockchain opportunities using learnings from both days:

risk profile, strategic fit, human impacts, financial feasibility

● Each team will present their selection to the group and justify their choice


Transforming Supply Chain … one of the first industries to see the largest impact from blockchain

● Global supply chain: a brief history of the last 100 years

● Fixing the gap between AP and AR, getting a handle of working capital

● How is blockchain changing: Procurement, Transportation and Logistics, Warehousing,

and Invoice Settlement


● Introducing “Liquidity” in supply chain and helping those on the edge

● Industry use cases in transportation, wholesale and retail.

 Day 2 Recap

● Digital transformation and impacts on human performance.

● Using blockchain for better decision making

● Transformations in supply chain and the future of business: a liquid supply chain

● You have now started your own blockchain project, what is next?

Registration: $795, includes lunch and refreshements both days. 

To register, please email


Steve Craig | | 403-329-5181