The Power of Women Who Lead

A conversation for the modern working women committed to making their own rules about work, life, and everything in between.

In a society that causes women to doubt themselves, their capabilities, and their inherent worth, The Power of Women Who Lead serves as a reminder of the profound change that can occur when women begin to trust themselves to live and lead in their way. Sarah believes that it’s at the intersection of women owning their power, living their purpose, and trusting their potential to lead, where incredible things begin to happen. Our companies perform stronger, our communities become safer, and the world becomes a better place.

Whether your desire is to build a business, climb the corporate ladder, or simply leave a positive mark on the world, this talk will teach you how to say "no" to conventional practices, will make you reconsider how you show up in the world, and will remind you that you already have the inherent strengths necessary to lead in work and in life. Sarah believes that not only do we need more women starting their own businesses, more women thriving in the workplace, and more women holding leadership positions, she believes it's crucial that we do so boldly and authentically, while helping raise other women up along the way.

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Online Event

As part of Alberta Women in Entrepreneurship Week 2020, The Power of Women Who Lead and other events in the series can be found at


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