Caretaking staff is responsible for cleaning more than 1.8 million sq.ft. on U of L campus every day. That's in addition to the cleaning of the U of L Pronghorn hockey team facilities at the Nicholas Sheran Ice Centre and the James Foster Penny Building downtown Lethbridge.

The bulk of cleaning services is provided by the morning Day shift. Day shift staff are available for cleaning of public areas and entrances as well as providing on-call service for spill clean-ups, washroom patrols and service requests. Routine services such as disinfecting, mopping, vacuuming, wiping and dusting are performed on a regular schedule with major cleaning (walls, windows, floor waxing and carpet shampooing) occurring annually or as requested by customers.

Questions or concerns regarding Caretaking Services can be directed to Caretaking Manger Judy Jaeger at 403-329-2060 or by e-mail or by contacting Caretaking Supervisors:

Upper Campus: office 403-329-5139 cell: 403-332-0676

Lower Campus: office 403-329-2619 cell: 403-332-0654

Team Cleaning

The department uses a simplified approach to maintain University cleaning standards. Caretaking staff are cross-trained so that one person can complete all steps of the Team Cleaning process. Staff work in teams or individually on a daily basis, meeting the unique challenges of each facility.

By performing each cleaning function in a prescribed sequence, the team can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. Staffing requirements are determined by the building's cleaning profile:

  • Size of building
  • Hours of operation
  • Traffic flow
  • Number of classrooms
  • Special requirements