The paper and cardboard recycling program was introduced at the U of L in 1992. Over the next nine years, an average of 40,000 kg of paper and cardboard was recycled each year.

In the fall of 2001, a full-time employee was hired to collect and ship the recycled paper products and as a result the amount of recycling on campus more than doubled.

Today, about 170,000 kg of paper and cardboard is recycled annually. Although this may not seem like much of an increase since 2001, in the age of e-mails and instant messaging less paper is being printed thus less paper needing to be recycled!

Since the recycling program’s inception, the University has saved $24,000.00 a year in waste removal costs.

Approximately 130 tonnes of recycling items and composting is diverted from the landfil each year.

Paper pick up is done by the Caretaker in the area exceptions below are:

    Hepler Hall
    Parkway Service Complex

Paterson Centre



Please note: Office areas are collected as the grey bins fill. If you require a pickup or notice that the grey bin in your area is full please contact Caretaking ext: 2060 or e-mail

Beverage containers have been recycled on campus for many years this is done through the Student's Union and the money collected is for student scholarships. Currently collect approxiamately 160,000 containers annually.

Battery recycling was introduced in 2005, and a composting program was implemented in 2010.

Tips to help reduce paper use

There are several ways that you can help stamp out the illusion of unlimited landfill space:

  • Purchase a coffee mug or travel mug for "styrofoam free" coffee breaks. Don't forget you can recycle paper cups with your paper!
  • Photocopy on both sides of the paper whenever possible.
  • Print emails responsibly. Do you really need a hardcopy of the message?
  • Print faxes on the clean side of used paper.
  • Edit documents on your computer screen as much as possible before printing.