Graduating Students
An RSVP is required for graduating students attending Spring 2018 Convocation. The RSVP system will open mid-March 2018

Family and friends of graduands
Guests of graduands do not need to RSVP. Seating is first come, first served.

Chancellor's Party and Guests of Chancellor's Party
An RSVP is required for all members of the Chancellor's Party. The RSVP for Spring 2018 Convocation will open mid-March 2018. The Chancellor's Party includes:

  • Chancellor
  • Honorary degree recipients
  • Board of Governors
  • Senior Administrators
  • Senate Executive Committee
  • Student, FNMI, Alumni and political representatives
  • Representatives from other post-secondary institutions
  • Other distinguished guests

Guests of members of the Chancellor's Party may also RSVP for the reserved seating area.

Academic Staff
Academic staff who require regalia are asked to RSVP with Gaspard; the RSVP system will open mid-March 2018. Please also RSVP for your seat on the platform, the RSVP for Spring 2018 Convocation will open mid-March 2018.

Non-Academic Staff
Non-academic staff do not need to RSVP.