Dress Guidelines


Graduands must be dressed in the academic attire approved by the University of Lethbridge for the credential that is being conferred. Academic regalia will be provided to all graduands. The length of the academic gown is at mid-calf and the cap (mortarboard) is worn squarely on your head with the tassel to the right and the deep part of the crown at the back. The hood should be worn with the subject colour sitting on top of your shoulders so the material lies smoothly.


Other dress guidelines
  • Convocation is a significant event in your academic career so it is recommended you dress appropriately to honour this significant occasion.
  • Shoes and other visible apparel should be dark in colour so that they blend with the academic regalia. Nothing else should be worn on the academic gown.
  • It is not recommended you wear casual attire, especially casual footwear (e.g., flip flops) for the ceremony.
  • Please note that academic regalia can be very warm; therefore we recommend that you do not wear warm layers or other heavy clothing such as suit jackets or long dresses for your ceremony.
  • The regalia cap (mortarboard) is the only appropriate headwear for the ceremony.
  • Comfortable shoes are strongly recommended as you will be required to walk up the outdoor path and up and down the platform steps as a part of a large group.
  • Flowers are not permitted to be worn on the academic regalia.
  • Perfume and cologne are not recommended as many people are sensitive or allergic to certain scents.
  • There will be a coat check available for graduates, but for security reasons and to make the day run smoother, do not bring purses, wallets, backpacks, laptops or other valuables to the graduand assembly area. Please leave your valuables with family or friends. For small items such as keys, we recommend you wear something with pockets.