• Welcome to Economics!

    The dynamic teaching and learning environment of UofL Economics is rich with talent, creativity, local, national and international connections. UofL Economists acquire the tools to understand current economic issues, such as: climate change, natural resource production and allocation, political and legal systems, human rights, gender equality, government spending priorities, taxation and welfare, free trade and so on. If your passion is to make a positive contribution to society and have an informed voice, UofL Economics can help you get there.

  • Our Advantages

    • One of the top economics departments in the country for primarily undergraduate universities.
    • Faculty members frequently publish in high-quality journals (see our Publications page).
    • Our undergraduate courses are taught by skilled and experienced faculty.
    • Students in our graduate program receive a solid core of academic training.


  • Enjoy your time on our webpage. If there is someone in particular you are looking for, our directory can be accessed here.