Research for Department of Economics

Our Faculty & Their Research

Faculty members at the University of Lethbridge are happy to involve undergraduate students in their research projects, using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Our faculty members often collaborate with other departments, community members and employers on research projects—giving you the opportunity to get additional hands-on experience.

Some current faculty research areas include:

  • Economics of professional sports
  • Socio-economic implications of bioproducts and bioprocesses
  • Farm-level decision-making analysis and risk
  • Labour markets and migration
  • Economics of information and internal migration
  • Economics of higher education.
  • Accessibility of lesser developed countries to financial markets, debt crises
  • International trade and trade barriers in agriculture
  • Antitrust law and economics, competition policy
  • Agricultural economy in the dairy markets
  • Government spending and grants on private research
  • Natural resource economics, trade in precious commodities

Faculty in the Department of Economics also participate in the Prentice Institute as well as the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Water Research.