New Course Offering: New Venture Startups

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Do you:

Have an idea for a New Venture?

Want to understand and experience the role of a creative entrepreneur?

Want to learn how to identify, organize, and build a new innovation-driven enterprise?

Join us as we apply Bill Aule’ts (MIT) Disciplined Entrepreneurship to our ideas

With a dynamically changing environment filled with uncertainty, opportunity exists to design or re-design small businesses.  Utilizing current research on new business models this course examines innovative models of value creation for students who are planning to be entrepreneurs or professional advisors to the small business sector. Through the use of experimentation, customer feedback, and iterative design, students will learn the theoretical concepts and application of startups, as well as managing and reducing the uncertainties that can impact a startup.

Entrepreneurs and the development of recent research in this field of study will help students understand the opportunity in the 21st century for social entrepreneurship, social networking, business creation and new theories in entrepreneurship.

Students will pursue their own idea and learn about topics including:

  • new innovation-driven enterprise
  • entrepreneurial thinking and skills
  • key factors of a startup


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