Busy summer ahead for Facilities

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Facilities has a full lineup of projects that are wrapping up or starting this summer. Here's a brief rundown:

  • Following the installation of a new concrete floor, a weeping tile system and sump pumps to help control groundwater around the pedestrian tunnel, five boreholes around the tunnel were recently drilled to monitor groundwater in the South Plaza area.
  • Storm system video inspections will be completed this summer; watch for a video inspection vehicle at various locations throughout campus.
  • The expansion joints on the 50-year-old hot water heating system that run through University Hall Level 9 mechanical spaces will be replaced.
  • The existing fire alarm system will be upgraded to accommodate the SAB and this will require Fire Alarm Verification Inspections. Fire alarm bells, speakers and strobe lights will be tested to confirm proper operation. These tests may inconvenience occupants but are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on campus.
  • Existing pathways and sidewalks will be upgraded and new sidewalks added to provide walking access to the new Science and Academic Building. The Anderson Hall north pathway will be replaced, a new sidewalk will be installed between Lot N and the SAB and between the SAB bridge sidewalk and the Students' Union sidewalk.
  • Parking lot K will be reshaped and regraded to provide permit parking.
  • A new sanitary lift station was completed in the Breezeway earlier this year. It will provide service to the SAB sanitary sewer and allow for repairs to be done on the existing University Hall lift station. The UHall septic tank will also be upgraded. Landscaping is being completed in the Breezeway.
  • Signage on the Dhillon School of Business has been installed on Markin Hall. Lighting for the signage will be completed by early July.
  • Construction on a food-services outlet in the SAB is scheduled to begin in June and be completed by late August.
  • Improvements to the entrance of the Bookstore and a new service desk and merchandise display area will be completed over the summer.
  • A new access control system in the SAB is being integrated into the existing system and work is expected to be finished by mid-July.
  • The entrance area to the SAB from UHall is being renovated with new walls, radiant heaters and a security phone. Work is expected to be completed by mid-August.
  • The Living Wall in the Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building will be removed due to concerns with its operation. The wall will be replaced with drywall and backing for a future art installation.
  • New security cameras have been installed in the Penny Building and various security devices were updated. The project is expected to wrap up by the end of July.


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