Arts & Science Courses Added to FALL 2018 Semester

The following courses have recently been added for the Fall 2018 Semester:

English 1900 N - Introduction to Language and Literature (Fine Arts and Humanities LER)
Credit Hours: 3.00 | T 6:00-8:50PM
An introduction to the study of English language and literature, involving an exploration of various genres of literature and non-literary texts and requiring a series of critical assignments designed to encourage analytical reading, thinking and writing. 

History 1200 B - World History (Fine Arts and Humanities LER)
Credit Hours: 3.00 | MW 4:00-5:15PM
Survey of selected developments in world history. Emphasis on continuity and change in the context of societies, politics, economies, cultures, religions, and war. 

Library Science 2000 - Library Research and Information Systems
Credit Hours: 3.00 | TR 10:50AM-12:05PM
The conceptual framework and basic skills necessary to identify, locate and use a variety of information sources in various disciplines and types of libraries. Emphasis upon new developments and trends in information provision, including online catalogues, online databases, electronic journals and end-user searching. 

Neuroscience 3655 - Cognitive Neuroscience II (Science LER)
Credit Hours: 3.00 | TR 3:05-4:20PM
Examination of the methods and findings which connect mental processes with the brain, with emphasis on higher-level functions such as cognitive control, emotion, memory, and consciousness.
Prerequisite(s): Neuroscience 2600 and one course at the 2000 level in Psychology

Physical Activity 3040 B/L2 - Resistance Training for Health and Performance
Credit Hours: 3.00 | TR 9:25-9:50AM, TR 9:55-10:40AM
Movement-based approach in the application of principles and methods used to develop the components of fitness through resistance training.

Spanish 1000 B - Beginner's Spanish I (Fine Arts and Humanities LER)
Credit Hours: 3.00 | MWF 1:00-1:50PM
Fundamentals of spoken and written Spanish.

Additional Seats Released:
Mathematics 0500 B/T02 - Essential Mathematics (Science LER)
Credit Hours: 3.00 | MWF 3:00-3:50PM, W 4:00-4:50PM
Polynomials and rational functions, trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, inequalities, rudiments of probability and counting.
Prerequisite(s): Mathematics 30-2 or Applied Mathematics 30 


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