Modern Languages Speaker Series - Dr. Nick Morwood

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The department of modern languages speaker series presents Dr. Nick Morwood

'From Deconstruction to Posthumanism: The Legacy of Jacques Derrida'

Jacques Derrida’s career spans over forty books and many more essays and articles. His importance is indicated by the vast influence of “deconstruction,” both as a scholarly technique and as a buzzword, on humanities disciplines seeking to uncover how language, and thus knowledge, is not fixed but is always being deferred or hijacked by other texts and power structures. Nevertheless, Derrida’s legacy is disputed, for he has been accused of everything from encouraging the pure relativism of Make America Great Again to Eurocentric racism. This talk will explore three of the most resonant legacies of Derrida: the method of deconstruction and the meaning of “there is nothing outside the text;” his debate with Habermas in the aftermath of 9/11 and his notion of the “Major Event;” and the beauty of his final posthumous piece on posthumanism and animals, in order to articulate the tremendous contribution Jacques Derrida has made to knowledge.

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