Go on Exchange

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for an undergraduate exchange you must:
  • Be a full-time U of L student
  • Be in at least the 2nd year of your program at the time of the exchange
  • Be in good academic standing, with preference given to those with a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Pay U of L tuition and be responsible for all expenses associated with the exchange, including:
    • Exchange application fee
    • Travel
    • Health Care
    • Living Expenses
    • etc.

Note: Certain students are subject to a residency requirement which may affect their ability to study abroad in their final year. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.


U of L Exchange Application Deadlines

  • September 15th for a Spring exchange
  • February 1st for a Summer exchange
  • March 1st for a Fall exchange


U of L Exchange Process

Applying for an Exchange

Step 1 Check that you meet all eligibility requirements (above).
Step 2 Attend an upcoming exchange information session.
Step 3 Decide on a program.
Step 4

Questions? Contact Education Abroad coordinator at


Step 5 Visit your Faculty Academic Advisor to check room for electives in your program.
Step 6 Pay the Application Fee & scan your slip.
Step 7 Write a 250-word letter of intent.
Step 8 Pickup an official transcript from the Registrar's office & scan it.
Step 9 Complete the online Exchange Application form.
Step 10 Wait for the Exchange Coordinator to contact you.



After Being Accepted for an Exchange

Step 11         Attend a meeting arranged by the International Office.
Step 12 Complete the Exchange Agreement form.
Step 13 Complete the exchange host university application for admission and housing form.
Step 14 Attend a Pre-Departure International Travel Risk Management Orientation.
Step 15 Complete the Liability Waiver form and register on https://www.uleth.ca/campus-safety/forms/student-safety-abroad-registry.



Before Your Departure

Step 16 Ensure that your passport is valid long enough.
Step 17 Apply for Scholarships through the UofL Scholarships and Student Finance Office.
Step 18 Doctor’s check-up and/or immunizations (if necessary).
Step 19 Obtain an acceptance letter from the U of L.
Step 20 Obtain an acceptance letter from the Host University.
Step 21 Purchase your plane ticket.
Step 22 Complete and send your student visa application.
Step 23 Purchase travel health insurance (mandatory).
Step 24 Notify your provincial health care provider.
Step 25 Pay the tuition for your exchange semester.
Step 26 Complete an application for graduation.
Step 27 Plan your courses for the return semester at the U of L.
Step 28 Send your travel itinerary to the Host University.
Step 29 Confirm housing at the exchange university.
Step 30 Leave a photocopy of all your important documents with a family member.
Step 31 Submit the following documents to the International Centre.
Step 32 Bring the following documents with you on your exchange.



After Your Arrival and During Your Exchange

Step 33 Let us know that you have arrived safely.
Step 34 Check in with the host university’s International Office.
Step 35 Complete course registration as early as possible.
Step 36 Email your exchange course selection to your academic advisor.
Step 37 Register for courses for the return semester to the U of L.
Step 38 Have fun!



After Your Return

Step 39 Complete an online Outgoing Student Survey.
Step 40 Send us a testimonial about your favorite experiences!
Step 41 Get your exchange transcript.
Step 42 Check that your exchange courses have transferred appropriately.